How to Find the Best Online Casino Bonuses and Promos?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of online casinos out there. That means the competition in the iGaming business is fierce. What most operators do to attract new customers is provide incentives such as lucrative bonuses and promotional deals. Some of those offers are genuinely awesome, rewarding the users’ trust with bonus credits, free spins, or other perks.

Unfortunately, there are also some bonus deals that are only seemingly good, but if you dig deeper, you’ll find that they come with caveats. The big question is how are you supposed to know which deals are good and which aren’t before it’s too late? Well, you got us to guide you through the whole process of finding the best casino bonuses online.

The first thing we’ll teach you is how to figure out whether the bonus is as great as the casino is claiming.

Checking the Small Print

The chances are you’ve come across casino ads offering incredibly lucrative bonuses – 1000% bonus up to 10k, $1000 no-deposit free bet, and similar. The rule of thumb here is that if a deal seems incredible, it’s probably not credible. The chances are that it comes with certain conditions that are difficult, if not impossible, to fulfill.

A common tactic of less reputable casinos are using to hook new players is to leave out information about the wagering requirements of the bonus. Sometimes, this info is written in small print in the bonus Terms and conditions. If you miss it, you may end up claiming a bonus deal that’s practically impossible to clear.

For example, you might get a 1000% on your first deposit of $100, which equals $1000 in bonus credits. However, the wagering requirement is set to 50x, meaning that you need to win 50 wagers with the bonus credits to clear it. Plus, some casinos even require you to wager the deposit as well in order to clear the bonus, practically forcing you to risk your hard-earned money.

Other things to look for in the bonus terms and conditions include:

  • Country Eligibility

Some bonus offers are location-specific, meaning that players from certain countries aren’t eligible to claim them.

  • Deposit Method Eligibility

There are some bonuses that are given on deposits made only via certain banking methods, e.g., Bitcoin.

  • Game-Based Requirements

To clear a bonus, you may need to play a certain game, which could come with an unfavorable RTP (return to player) percentage.

On top of everything, you should know that online casinos reserve the right to withhold your winnings without having to explain their reasons. In simple terms, this means that even if you manage to clear a challenging wagering requirement, the casino may simply decide not to pay up.

Of course, this only happens with shady casinos that don’t have a legit operating license. This is why it’s of crucial importance to put your trust only in the very best gambling platforms on the internet.

Luckily for you, it’s not that hard to find such casinos. Sites like are dedicated to separating the wheat from the chaff in the online gambling universe. Not only can you find in-depth reviews of top online casinos there, but you can also get up-to-date casino bonus codes at Casino-Bonus Club.

Which Types of Bonuses Can You Gain the Most Out Of?

Generally speaking, the most lucrative type of online casino bonus – as well as the one that’s easiest to clear – is the welcome bonus. No surprise there, as this deal is meant to make the player fall in love with the casino. How it works is that you get the bonus after creating an account and making your first deposit.

In most cases, welcome bonuses require you to deposit your own money. However, there are also some deals that come with no such requirement. The so-called no-deposit bonuses do exist, but they’re usually significantly less lucrative than their deposit-based counterparts.

Then, there’s also the free spins bonus. The word “free” however, doesn’t mean that you’ll necessarily get the spins without paying any money. Usually, free spins are just an extra gift given to the player who makes a deposit.

We say usually, because sometimes casinos do give away free spins with no deposit conditions attached. This often happens when they’re trying to promote either a brand-new game or one that’s not getting too much attention from the players.

Other interesting promo deals you should know about include the refer-a-friend bonus, cashback bonus, birthday bonus, and so on. 

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