How to download GIFs with SnapTwitter and many other apps

GIFs can be seen everywhere, you can see GIFs especially on Twitter pages. If you don’t save the GIF image correctly, you will just get the normal image instead of the animated GIF file. That’s why we would like to introduce you to a few tools that help you to download gif Twitter as well as other websites efficiently like SnapTwitter. 

Details how to download GIF with Twitter GIF downloader SnapTwitter

The main difference between GIF and video is that GIF has no sound. Therefore, the file size of a GIF is quite smaller than that of a video with the same expression. Since Twitter is the most popular platform for people to share the latest news and experiences, it’s normal for you to find GIF animations interesting. However, you cannot directly save GIFs from Twitter. Furthermore, Twitter GIFs are not actual GIF files, they are just videos in a loop to play automatically. So to download GIFs you need to follow these steps.

  • Copy the link of the GIF you need by clicking the share option on Twitter.
  • Open the Twitter downloader website.
  • Then paste the link in the white box on the screen and select download.
  • Finally, choose to download the GIF you need.

You may need to wait or a while for the GIF from Twitter to load successfully. In addition to GIF images, SnapTwitter can also help you download Twitter videos quickly, efficiently and completely for free.

Steps to download GIF images on iPhone

iPhone users do not have a specific icon to download GIF images. Users need to download GIF files on iPhone by long pressing “Save Image” as usual. You can also install an iPhone GIF saver app like GIFwrapped. Here is the detailed way to use it.

  • Open the GIF file, then click the single icon in the top right corner.
  • Next, select the “Save to gallery” option to download the GIF image directly.
  • If you have a Dropbox account, you can upload saved GIFs to GIFwrapped for cloud storage.
  • You can also select “Share Image” or “Copy Image” to copy the GIF image. 

In addition, there are also many GIF saving applications that you can download to try.

Procedure for downloading GIF images via Android

Similar problems when saving GIF images also exist on Android mobile phones. GIPHY is the solution that provides the fastest and simplest way to process all GIFs on Android. The detailed steps are as follows: Long

  • press the GIF on your Android, you will see the dialog box “Do you want to save this GIF to your phone?”
  • Click “Yes” to download GIFs on Android.
  • You can also convert GIFs with apk and edit GIFs. Then, work in the same way to save the GIF image after the effects.

You can search GIFs on GIPHY and upload animated GIFs to Facebook, Twitter, Messages easily with just a few clicks.

Further, Do you know how to make single name Facebook account for free in 2021.

How to convert GIF to Video

GIF to Video apk is an editor to convert GIF to video. You can search and browse through animated GIFs easily with GIF to Video apk. Moreover, the GIF to video converter also allows users to share GIFs. However, this apk costs money and has to be upgraded regularly.

  • Open any GIF file with GIF to Video apk.
  • Tap the “Conversions” icon at the bottom.
  • Adjust video speed, scale type and number of repetitions.
  • Tap “Use GIF resolution” if you don’t have too many requirements about saving GIFs as video.

Top 5 Websites to Download GIFs

Because GIFs were one of the first two image formats used on the web before JPEG came along in 1992. However, when you want to use GIFs, you’ll find it annoying. complicated because I don’t know where to find them and how to download them.

Here are 5 great websites to find and download GIFs. These five websites make it easy to download GIFs. We will introduce the details below.

  1. Twitter

Twitter is a social network with loads of famous GIFs. You can easily come across interesting, funny, tearful and emotional photos on this social network. Twitter is fun, but you’ll have a hard time downloading GIFs to your device from Twitter. Therefore, we have introduced you to the SnapTwitter tool above to make it easier to upload your Twitter GIFs and videos.

  1. Clipartsmania

When you open Clipartsmania to load a GIF, you may see some keywords in the first line. You can click on the GIFs you need or search for them. When you find the image you need, just click the download button to get the image in GIF form. Then you can save them easily. If you are interested in the image, you can also click the button on the left to support the file.

  1. PicGifs

PicGifs has become one of the largest GIF community websites in the world. They have developed a new search engine that is complete and 3x faster than the old one and finds more Graphics and GIFs. There are three new image generators as Text Generator, Name Generator and Face Generator in the whole builder. With a text generator you can create glitter words and text. And with the name generator, you can add your name to almost any GIF on this site.

  1.  PhotoBucket

You can find high-quality GIFs on the PhotoBucket site. You can search for gif images in top photo and video categories. Under each category, there is a separate introduction to GIF images for you to quickly find your needs. This is a fun site for you to find and download GIFs. Just select GIFS PICTURE category to select GIF files as per your requirement.

  1. Animation

Looking for free animated Gifs, animations and animations? Animations with its Huge Archive currently includes 150009 images in 2106 categories. It is important that all images are clearly organized for you in different categories. All animated gifs and images provided here are free for you to download. So if you want to link or download a clip art or gif just click on the links to different categories.

Nowadays, there are more websites to download GIF images, you can download them to your computer for fun or share them on social networks.Please check video downloader for all video download


As such, you can now easily search for GIFs and download them. If you are using Twitter and want to download Twitter GIFs, SnapTwitter is the right choice for you. Try it out and let us know the results in the comments section below. Good luck.

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