How to Clean Your Diamond Simulants: Keep Your Luxuria Jewelry Sparkling Clean

Diamond simulants or imitations offer buyers various advantages. For example, the most popular synthetic diamond simulant material is cubic zirconia. Diamond simulant jewelry made of cubic zirconia is very cost-effective. They imitate real diamonds to a tee. Plus, these diamond simulants are eco-friendly. Diamond mining harms the environment a lot. Cubic zirconia production doesn’t. 

Cubic zirconia (CZ) is also a good selection for making simulated diamonds because of its durability. CZ can be curated to perfection. Even the most flawless CZ diamond simulants are very cost-effective. However, despite its hardness and durability (CZ’s Mohr Scale rating is 8.5), CZ jewelry is not impervious to damage. They need regular cleaning/maintenance to stay as good-looking.

Polish and Clean 

Simulated diamond jewelry from top brands like Luxuria jewelry is relatively easy to clean. Users can create jewelry polishing cloths using soft cotton fabrics. Then, they can gently rub their CZ diamonds with these cloths to cause the least possible damage. Rub the cloths gently. Remove dirt, oils, and other impurities. Repeat this process every 6-14 days. Your CZ diamond simulants will retain their sparkle and shine if you repeat this method.

The cleaning technique for precious stone simulants is basically no different for cleaning jewels. The central thing to recall is that simulants, for example, cubic zirconia are not quite as solid as precious stones and hence more consideration should taken when clean. Never utilize coarse or metal brushes to clean your simulant as this can make scratches and potentially the need supplant the stone or stones.

Giving your CZ jewelry items warm water “baths” from time to time is also a great idea. Simply place your diamond simulants in a mixture of warm (not too hot) water and liquid soap. Rinse the jewelry items to remove all traces of oils, dirt, and liquid soap. Lather and dry the pieces with dry polishing cloths after each washing.

Steam Cleaning 

Steam cleaning is another effective technique for keeping simulated diamond jewelry items fresh, clean, and good-looking. A small session of steam cleaning will liquefy and eliminate all the gunk, dirt, and contaminants in these items. With steam cleaning, users also get to remove any dirt hiding in the nooks/crannies of the jewelry items. So, taking your simulated diamond jewelry items for periodic steam cleaning is a great idea.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning

Leading sellers of simulated diamond jewelry items use this method of cleaning. Simulated jewelry buyers can ask their sellers to give them access to ultrasonic cleaners. These cleaning machines feature water reservoirs. The sellers place their simulated diamond jewelry items inside these reservoirs. While ultrasonic gems cleaners truly do create a shining outcome, the machine works by sending vibrations through the water and cleaning arrangement right away. Everything that could be made stones become free or try and drop out in the machine

Inside, the jewelry items are bombarded with ultrasonic waves. Thousands of ultrasonic waves ultimately loosen all the dirt/debris trapped within the jewelry’s setting. Taking your simulated diamond jewelry items for once-a-year ultrasonic cleansing is a very effective maintenance technique.  

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