How to Choose the Best English Tutors

You get to pick your English teacher if you take classes through an online platform, which is one of the many advantages of doing so. Cambly boasts over 10,000 English teachers from diverse educational and professional experiences. But because there are so many, you may have trouble picking just one!

The following advice is based on the experiences and perspectives of users who have been studying English for longer than six months, and it will help you select the best tutor for your individual needs.

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What to Consider When Picking an Online English Tutor

How you choose an English tutor will rely on what you wish to learn and how important it is to you. Let’s look at the most important things that most students care about.

1. Nationality and Accent

English teachers from different places have different accents and words they use. Some countries speak American English, while others use British English more. If you want to learn the style that is more common in a certain country or learns more about that country’s culture and values, it is best to find a tutor from that country.

Alternatively, suppose you are studying for an English exam that will use different accents. In that case, it’s a good idea to work with a few tutors from different countries to get used to how English can be spoken in different ways.

2. Specialty

If you want to learn English for a specific reason, like business English, medical English, or tourism English, find a tutor with knowledge and experience in that field. This is how to improve your vocabulary in a way that will help you. 

Also, suppose you’re working on specific skills like pronunciation, writing, public speaking, or studying for an exam. In that case, your lessons will be more helpful if your tutor is an expert in those areas.

3. Ease of Scheduling

It will be hard to learn if you find a good tutor, but your schedules don’t work together, or you have to take your lessons inconveniently. So, you need to find an online tutor available when you need them. Think about what day and time works best for you, and then find a tutor who can schedule your lessons at that time regularly. 

But remember that relying on one tutor could backfire if their lesson time changes or you can’t make an appointment. Your schedule will be more convenient and adaptable if you can find a few tutors you like.

4. Interests and Values

Students should try to speak as much as they can during their English conversation classes because this is an opportunity to practice speaking the language. The subjects that are most interesting to you are the ones that make the best conversation topics. 

Find a teacher who has the same values, interests, and pastimes as you do and with whom you can have a conversation as you would with a close friend.

5. Personality and Style

People still talk to each other through online English classes. Compatibility is important to make sure it’s a good time. Here are some instances of character and English lesson styles so that you can search using keywords that describe you. You can also learn about a teacher from what other students have said, so read those as well.

  • Friendly
  • Cheerful
  • Easygoing
  • Positive
  • Calm
  • Enthusiastic
  • Knowledgeable
  • A good listener


So, these are the five important things to consider when picking an English-speaking tutor. Keeping these in mind, take some lessons with different teachers and write down what you think about each point. As you try out different tutors, you’ll learn what you should look for in a good one. 

Finding a tutor who can’t wait for your next lesson will make you more excited to learn English and make it easier for you to keep having fun. Find the best tutor for you and start your first lesson right away.


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