How to choose eyeglasses

Today, thanks to the advancement of online commerce, buying prescription sunglasses online is very easy to do. However you should consider some important factors. If you have never worn prescription glasses and for the first time you have to choose the model that suits you or if you already wear them but want to change your style, there are some things to know before taking risky steps.

Factors to consider

To get an idea, we reveal some factors to consider before proceeding with the purchase, which will allow you to choose in a short time and with more serenity, discarding what is not right for you.

The shape of your face

Assuming that the right glasses are those that reflect personal tastes, we must also take into account the aesthetic factor, which has its weight. If you agree, read on and find out what shape your face approaches!

  • In the presence of a narrow chin and high cheekbones, it is called a “triangular face” and it is advisable to wear glasses with a softer and more curved shape to soften the features. It is an easy to find and almost always trendy style. In case this type of frame does not reflect your personal tastes, you can opt for something more squared but with rounded corners.
  • The “square face” is characterized by angular and decisive features, for which it is advisable to evaluate only rounded frames in order to lighten the pronounced facial features.
  • Another face shape on which it is not easy to adapt the right frame is the round one. The “round face”, due to its accentuated width, is suitable for glasses with an elongated or square shape. It is really difficult to get other kinds of frames to fit.
  • If you see your face in the “oval” shape you can choose the frame you like best! Often, in fact, those with oval faces do not encounter any problems in choosing because they feel comfortable with almost all frames. The rounded ones give sweetness to the features, while the square ones determine a more vigorous aspect.

The size

Each kind of frame has different dimensions, the width must reflect that of the face and this must be verified by looking at a person from the front. It is obvious that many frames, due to their conformation, do not respect this “rule”. For example, retro or cat-eye glasses are wider while round-shaped ones are often smaller. If you want to know the various types of frames, read the article to the end!

The distance between the eyes

It is a decisive factor especially for frames with prescription lenses which, unlike sun lenses, make a person’s eyes visible. The eyes can be more or less distant from each other and according to this you have to pay attention to the small details of the frame you are about to choose! If the eyes are far enough apart, the bridge between the lenses must be thick, but if the eyes are closer together it is important to opt for a frame with thick temples. After having revealed these little secrets that facilitate the choice of eyeglasses, let’s see in more detail what types of frames can be found on the market.

Frame types

Evaluating the type of frame you are about to buy is a precaution that does not only concern the aesthetic question but also various technical characteristics. There are infinite types of frames, they can vary according to color, size, thickness and materials.

In this case it is worth mentioning three main categories:

  • Closed circle frames are the most classic ones, they also support very thick lenses precisely because they enclose them and highlight the shape of the face very much;
  • The open-rim frames are finer and more elegant, they have a partially enclosed lens which, however, in this case, cannot be too thick. The possibility of choosing this frame, therefore, depends on the visual defect and the diopters;
  • The last category is that of open glasses. This frame features fully exposed lenses joined by a thin bridge. The peculiarity of these glasses is the fact that they make all facial features visible and are very light.

In the end, before choosing eyeglasses, therefore, it is necessary to consider various factors ranging from the aesthetic aspect to the design to the technical characteristics of each type of frame.


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