How to Care for Fancy Boots

There’s nothing like a good pair of boots. These timeless and classic shoes are appropriate for every season and every occasion. If you don’t have a pair in your closet, it’s time to get some.

That being said, fancy boots are not easy on the wallet, and winter weather conditions can quickly take a toll on their appearance. It’s important to look after them.

If you want to keep your boots in tip-top shape, then keep reading for the most important tips.

Store Fancy Boots Correctly

So you’ve brought home a gorgeous pair of fancy boots for women — what is step one in looking after them? Storage. This is especially important if your boots are made of leather.

Your feet generate humidity and sweat when you’re wearing shoes, and this will seep into your boots. When you take off your boots, you need to store them in such a way that they can dry quickly.

The best way to do this is on a shoe rack with a shoe tree inside. Shoe trees are foot-shaped forms that you put inside the boot to maintain their structure. This prevents moisture and bacteria.

Get the Right Shoe Shining Gear

You’re going to need the care essentials for looking after your leather boots. After purchasing your boots, find out if they need any special treatment or care. Otherwise, stock up on some common basics.

You’ll need a high-quality brush, and horsehair is best for most leather. The soft bristles provide a good clean without damaging the material. However, if you have a boot made from textured leather, you’ll need a stronger brush to clean the dirt from all of the grooves.

Stock up on good quality leather conditioner, cream polish, and wax to complete your shoe shining gear collection. These products will keep fancy men’s boots clean and supple.

Polish Consistently

Do you think after polishing your fancy boots for men once that you’re done? You’re not. Depending on how often you wear your boots, you’ll need to give them a good clean, polish, wax, and conditioning every once in a while.

If they’re special occasion boots, just give them a good polish before you wear them. However, if the boots are your everyday shoes, then you’ll need to polish them once a week.

Not interested in all the fuss of leather boots? See here for stylish and fancy rain boots that don’t require so much work.

Give Your Boots a Bit of Love

It’s worthwhile taking the steps to look after your fancy boots. It’s not easy to find the perfect pair. So, when you do find them, it’s up to you to keep your boots looking great. Stock up on polish and care gear and remember to always store them correctly. Stock up on polish and care gear and remember to always store them correctly. Stock up on polish and care gear and remember to always store them correctly.

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