How Studying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is Different at E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati?

From gaming stations to Netflix’s recommended movies, artificial intelligence (AI) is omnipresent. Computer scientists and engineers are working hard to instil intelligent behaviour in machines, allowing them to think and respond in real-time like a human mind.

AI and machine learning (ML) are progressing from a mere research topic to a level of early commercial application now. Google and Facebook, for example, have invested much in artificial intelligence and machine learning. They are now trying to implement these technologies into their everyday operations. 

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is built on the idea of artificially simulating human intellect and brain functioning using computer algorithms and systems. AI’s goal is to create computer systems algorithms intelligent enough that they can do human mental activities easily as a human mind can.

AI has two major characteristics (learning and problem solving) that make it similar to a human mind. AI can reason rationally and execute actions based on that logic, increasing the likelihood of accomplishing a task or attaining a goal.

Further, AI has a huge range of applications to which it contributes greatly. It helps in creating recommendation engines that further help in personalising posts, ads, etc. AI has also helped us in creating smart educational content and making personalised learning plans and processes for individuals. Voice assistants, navigation, self-driving cars, facial recognition, and last but not the least, robotics are all here thanks to advancements in AI.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a sub-part of AI. Basically, as the name suggests, ML is the self-learning of computer algorithms. When you feed a certain set of data into a machine, it then helps the algorithm in learning and comprehending the data, hence increasing the published result.

For example, if you tell your smart home devices to play your favourite music, they will search through your whole playlist for the song you have played the most and begin playing it. Similarly, Facebook uses this information to show posts and videos to you depending on your activity. ML is also used in various other ways like detecting credit card fraud, recognising faces and also in developing self-driving vehicular systems. 

The Future Scope of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

According to Gartner, 37 percent of prominent companies are already investing in AI technology. Organisations that have incorporated AI-driven technology in their businesses and day-to-day activities claim that their productivity has increased by a huge margin. Further, the market for AI will reach around 126 billion dollars by 2025, according to research published by Statista.

Now is the perfect time to learn AI to improve your employability in the future. According to research, jobs requiring AI or machine learning capabilities are predicted to grow by 71% in the next five years. You can get into cybersecurity, data analysis, healthcare, education, and science and technology fields after doing a course in AI and ML.


As mentioned earlier, AI is one of the fastest-growing job markets in the world alongside India. If you have that tech-smartness in you, then you should do your research and learn everything about AI and ML. For an introduction to this subject, a simple Python tutorial will be an excellent option. 

Here at Imarticus, you will learn AI and ML and will also get certification by E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati. This course, taught by world-class professors will make you future-ready by giving you job-relevant skills and inside knowledge of the industry. Enrol yourself in this 9-month-long intensive online certification in artificial intelligence & machine learning course today!


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