How Spinal Injuries Can Cause Complications?

It could seem as though every element of your life has been impacted if you recently suffered a spinal cord injury. Your injuries may have psychological, emotional, and social repercussions. 

If you have some spinal injury and you want to know about neurosurgery centres and spine-specialist-Adelaide then keep reading!

What Is A Spinal Injury?

Some changes in the strength of the body or sensation, and other bodily functions below the lesion site are frequently permanently altered by spinal cord injuries, which can affect any section of the nerves or the spinal cord at the cauda equina.

Causes Of Spinal Injury

Nerve fibre damage

No matter the cause—traumatic or not—damage affects the nerve fibres that travel through the affected area and may completely or partially disable the muscles or nerves below the site of the injury.


After the age of 65, falls are the most common reason for spinal cord injuries.

Accidents with vehicles.

Many spinal cord injuries each year are caused by auto and motorcycle accidents, which are the main cause of spinal cord injuries.

Injuries from sports and recreation.

About 10% of spinal cord injuries are the result of athletic endeavours like impact sports or diving in shallow water, etc.


Spinal cord damage can also result from cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and spinal cord inflammation.


Areas often affected due to spinal injury are:-

  1. Bladder management: A kidney’s urine will continue to be stored in the bladder. However, if the communication carrier (the spinal cord) is damaged, your brain may not be able to control your bladder as well.
  1. Pressure wounds: You may have lost some or all skin feelings below the level of your insult to the nervous system. Therefore, when your skin is damaged by certain factors like continuous pressure, it cannot communicate with your brain.
  1. Control over circulation: Circulatory issues from orthostatic hypotension, which is the low blood pressure when you stand up, to edema in your extremities can be brought on by a spinal cord injury. Your chance of getting blood clots can also go up due to these circulation abnormalities.
  1. Breathing apparatus: If your abdomen and chest muscles are compromised, your injury may make it harder to breathe and cough.
  1. Bone thickness: Osteoporosis and fractures below the level of injury are more likely after spinal cord injury.
  1. Bowel management: The ability to control your bowel motions is frequently affected, even though your stomach and small and large intestines still function mostly as they did before your injury.

When To Visit A Doctor?

Anyone who has experienced major head or neck trauma needs prompt medical attention to rule out spinal injuries. Until otherwise proven, it’s best to presume that trauma sufferers have spinal damage because:-

●  Sometimes a severe spinal injury is not immediately apparent. If it is unknown, more serious harm could happen.

●  Paralysis or numbness may start suddenly or develop gradually.

● The length of time between an accident and receiving medical attention can have a significant impact on how serious the consequences will be and how much recovery can be anticipated.


You must be concerned about your injuries, you must know their complications and risks. In this article, we have discussed everything about spinal injuries, their complications, and all. So if you want to know about neurosurgery centres and spine-specialist-Adelaide then visit an Adelaide Neurosurgery Centre

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