How Long Do Commercial HVAC Systems Last?

Are you crossing your fingers and hoping that your HVAC system will keep working? Have you been experiencing problems with your commercial HVAC system?

Commercial HVAC systems are a lot different from residential units, so it’s important to know exactly what to expect from them. Taking care of your commercial building requires ensuring that your HVAC system is working, so you should have an idea of when it will be in need of a replacement.

In this guide, we’ll tell you more about how long commercial HVAC systems last.

How Long Do Commercial HVAC Systems Usually Last?

While every system will be different, a commercial HVAC system will usually last between 10 to 15 years on average.

This will vary based on many different factors. If taken care of properly, you may find that your system lasts even longer than 15 years, while if it’s not taken care of very well, it could last fewer than 10.

Additionally, keep in mind that the longevity of individual components of a commercial HVAC system will vary as well. Generally, here’s what you can expect:

You’ll want to consider all of the different components carefully. Get annual HVAC inspections and make replacements as needed.

Factors That Impact the Lifespan of Commercial Building HVAC Systems

So what are the main factors that affect HVAC system life expectancy? Here are the main ones that you should know about.

1. Keeping It Well-Maintained

One of the main things that will affect the life of a commercial HVAC system is whether you are performing regular preventative maintenance or not.

There are many types of preventative maintenance that you should do on a set schedule. This includes replacing air filters about once every 2 months as well as cleaning air ducts and your system’s external and internal components. You should also be sure to get a commercial HVAC technician to inspect the unit at least every 12 months.

Be sure to check out the commercial HVAC guide at to get more tips for keeping your system maintained.

2. Getting a Professional Installation

Something else that can affect the longevity of your unit is how well it was installed in the first place.

This is why it’s important to make sure that you get your HVAC system installed by a commercial HVAC company that is highly qualified. Ensure that you’ve installed an appropriately sized unit for your building and ductwork.

Getting the HVAC unit properly installed will help ensure that it will last a significant amount of time before needing to be replaced.

3. External Factors

It’s also important to note that external factors can also impact the life of your commercial HVAC system. This includes things such as the weather and the climate.

Cold conditions, for example, may end up making a bigger impact on your furnace and could cause it to wear out more quickly. In warmer conditions, you may need to be more worried about the heat pump getting worn out.

Other external factors such as the cleaning supplies used in your building can affect your system as well.

Final Thoughts

If you have a commercial HVAC system, be sure to understand what you can expect from its lifespan and what may affect it. Remember that installing the system properly and getting it well-maintained will have a big impact on its life.

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