How Much Does AC Repair Cost? A Quick Guide

With spring upon us and summer approaching, air conditioner problems become increasingly problematic and even dangerous. If yours goes out, one of the first things you probably ask yourself is, “How much does AC repair cost?”

The short answer is it depends on many different variables, including where you live and the time of year. The good news is that, once you understand what factors impact costs, you can better estimate the likely price tag. Keep reading to find out more.

How Much Does AC Repair Cost?

When determining, “How much does AC repair cost?” the main thing to determine is the severity of the problem. Components like air filters, low refrigerant, and even basic thermostats will cost less than $100, plus labor.

You can expect drainage issues to be in the same ballpark. Replacing drain pans or the condensate drain tube is straightforward, and will cost no more than a few hundred dollars.

Major parts replacements or repairs to compressors or heat pump units may cost a bit more. Things like condenser coils, which convert coolant into liquid will cost several hundred dollars. Evaporator coils, which house the refrigerant, will run between $700 and $1,300.

Some issues with a broken air conditioner may have nothing to do with the unit itself. Cracked or dislodged ductwork could be the culprit.

Often, ductwork repair is possible and relatively inexpensive. Complete duct replacement will run several thousand dollars though.

Regular Repair vs. Emergency Repair

Another major factor that will impact the total cost of AC repair is when you need the work done. High volume times of year for HVAC companies are summer and winter, when systems are working harder and more likely to go out. You can expect to pay more for labor during these times of the year.

Also, in general, an emergency repair will cost more than a regular service call. If you suspect minor issues with your system, keep in mind that scheduling a technician several days or weeks out will be much cheaper than an emergency visit. Look here for more information.

Consider Home AC System Maintenance Plans

Many HVAC repair companies offer regular maintenance programs. There are several advantages to these. One is that you can avoid paying premium emergency repair costs.

Another is that you can catch minor problems before they become serious ones. Technicians can identify things like refrigerant leaks or electrical wiring problems before they cause damage to other components or system failure.

A final advantage of such programs is that many companies will give you a discount for parts or labor, or both, should an issue arise. This alone can save you money over the life of your system.

Find Home AC Unit Repair Near You

Now that you have an answer to, “How much does AC repair cost?” you can get your system back up and running. Remember, if you suspect issues, do not wait until a catastrophe to reach out to a reputable repair company.

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