How is Metatrader 4 different?


MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the most popular trading platform in the world. It is a free-to-use, open-source program downloaded from MetaQuotes’ website. Forex brokers provide their clients with the MT4 platform. When you open a forex account, your broker will allow you to choose which platform you want to use. You may also be able to switch platforms once your account has been created.

MetaTrader 4 is the most popular platform for currency trading.

The MT4 platform is used by over 100,000 brokers and traders worldwide. This is the most popular trading platform in the world of online forex trading. It’s also one of the most popular platforms for forex brokerages, who offer their clients access to this system so they can trade currencies from anywhere at any time.

MT4 is the world’s leading platform for trading forex.

MT4 is the world’s leading platform for forex trading. The Metatrader 4 Software offers traders a variety of features, including advanced charting and technical analysis tools, pattern recognition indicators, automated trading strategies and more. With this comprehensive suite of advanced tools, it’s easy to optimise your performance and maximise profits while minimising risk in market conditions.

Additionally, users can trade on their own or through an online broker who has integrated the MT4 with their platforms (more than 90% of all brokers).

It is free to use and distribute.

You can download and install it without paying a single dime. You don’t need to pay for the software, and you don’t need to pay for the platform on which it exists. It’s free.

That means that everything about Metatrader 4 is available to you at no cost:

  • Downloading the Metatrader 4 software.
  • Installing (or installing again) the Metatrader 4 software on your computer, tablet, phone, or iPad (or whatever else).

Anyone can download it directly from the developer’s website, MetaQuotes.

Anyone can download MT4 directly from the developer’s website, MetaQuotes. Simply visit their homepage and click on “Download.” Once you’ve done that, you’ll be taken to a page with several platform versions.

 The one you want is called “Trader Workstation,” which we’re using here in this guide. Don’t worry about the other options—just click on Trader Workstation and then click “Save.” 

The file should be available for download immediately; if it isn’t yet, keep refreshing until it does become available. 

When your download is complete, open up your Downloads folder by clicking on Finder in your dock and selecting Downloads from the list of options (this could also be called Finder > Downloads).

 Your new MT4 installation should appear as an application named MetaTrader 4.

The MT4 software is licensed to foreign exchange brokers.

MT4 is the software forex brokers use to provide trading platforms to their clients. The Forex broker licenses the software from MetaQuotes and distributes it to their traders.

MetaQuotes has made MT4 available for free (you can read more about this in our guide to MT4), so any forex broker who wants their trading platform can also use it.

The popularity of MT4 means that many foreign exchange brokers around the world use this platform, but there are also some great advantages in using one of these brokers instead of any other type you might find online!


While MT4 is a great tool for experienced forex traders, it can also be used by new traders just getting started in the markets. The platform offers a variety of tools that let you trade in a multitude of ways. If you’re just starting with forex trading, many resources are available to help you get acquainted with the basics before diving into MT4. Once you’ve learned how to use MT4, it’s a good idea to practice on demo accounts or paper trading until you feel comfortable enough to start using real money.

The interface has changed slightly since its first release as Metaquotes’ MQL4 language was renamed and upgraded to version 5 (MT5).

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