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How Is A Heat Pump Installed?

A heat pump is an amazing device that warms up a warmer area and cools down a cooler area. A heat pump attracts warm air from a cool place and cool air from a hot place. For example, in summers, when the temperature outside your home rises, a heat pump moves the hot air from the cool outside to your home, which is warmer Hot Water Heat Pump in Perth.

Just the opposite of this happens in winters. During winters, the heat is moved outside your home into the environment since the temperature outside is cold. A heat pump works best for those who want a suitable temperature inside their home throughout the year. 

Heat pumps by Enviro Energie are environmentally friendly and are super affordable. Getting a heat pump installed is super easy. There are many types of heat pumps in the market, and each pump has a different way of installation.

Air Source Heat Pump: 

Hot Water Heat Pump Perth is super flexible when it comes to installation. They can either be attached to a wall or positioned on the ground. The main task is to find a suitable place safe from rains and heavy winds. The installation requires not only an outdoor area but also an indoor area. Therefore, you must consider a spacious area to install an air source heat pump.

Ground Source Heat Pump: 

This installation method is very different from that of an Air source heat pump. It requires a lot of areas to spread out. You need a lot of space and heavy equipment such as pipes, diggers, etc. Getting a ground source heat pump can be quite complex as it requires digging, and you need to take permission from your neighbors for that. 

It becomes easy when you are living in an independent house where you can carry out the procedure in your garden or lawn. But if you are living in a society, you need to get permission from the people there.

Hot water heat pump Perth:

A hot water heat pump requires 60-70 square feet of area for installation. If you have a big house, installing a hot water pump won’t be a problem for you. 

The heat pump has an exhaust fan that needs to be placed in an isolated area such as the basement, laundry room, etc. The size of the tank varies. You can opt for the one that suits you the most. If you take 10-15 minutes in the shower, then you can go for a 200-liter tank. But, if you take more than that, then you must consider getting a bigger tank. 

Final Overview

Please note that installing a Hot Water Heat Pump in Perth can produce a lot of noise. This noise can be very stressful for you. Therefore, prefer to install it behind the wall to reduce this sound. Make sure to clean the air filter after every 3 months to keep it working. Proper cleaning and maintenance is the only key to a long-lasting hot water heat pump.

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