How Can You Channelize Your Sexual Energy?

Think about your most recent orgasmic experience. Your body settled in the bed after you reached the climax. Your mind probably was at peace, and your breathing had calmed.

But what if you could channel your sexual fervor towards achieving personal, artistic, or professional objectives rather than chasing after that orgasm? The concept behind the sexual transformation is just that.

The following are a few sexual energy transmutation techniques.

Seven-day experiment

Try not engaging in any sexual activity for an entire week while you reflect on your thoughts and feelings. While some people will gain a lot from this practice, others will suffer from the negative energy that has accumulated.

This test will reveal whether you are more suited to follow the road of sexual expression or abstention, which are both aspects of sexual transformation.

Observe non-judgmentally

If you decide to try the route of sexual abstinence, get practice letting any emotions that come up come to the surface. Try to remain an observer rather than passing judgement on them.

Consider these emotions for what they are; they are normal. Simply pay attention to what these emotions and wants are trying to tell you about yourself. Try to avoid calling them “sexual energy” as well.

Rather, experience them as a sense, similar to when you feel something “hot” or “cold,” without thinking about how to get rid of them.

Tantric edging

Tantric edging is the technique of engaging in sexual activity that brings the orgasm to the brink of climax, but stops short of ejaculation. Your energy, attention, and inspiration will all rise thanks to this traditional Tantric practice.

Tantric edging is excellent for people who experience chronic weariness or sadness and also helps to increase creativity.

Orgasmic visualization

A straightforward method of sexual transformation is visualization. The only prerequisite for this technique is having a specific aim prior to having sex.

Consider where you would like to focus your energies the most. You might desire to complete your college degree, become an expert in a skill you have been dying to learn, accomplish a significant objective, or perhaps have a life-changing spiritual experience.

Take whatever matters to you into the bedroom.

Visualize accomplishing that aim, goal, or desire as you engage in sex and experience orgasm. The peak of sexual arousal directed at the mental image you have conjured up is potent.

Some people find it awkward to perform this exercise without informing their partner. So, if that worries you, engage them in light conversation and let them know.

Create a sigil

A sigil is a symbol that has intention and meaning. This technique is frequently utilized in Sex Magic or by followers of Western esotericism. To construct a sigil, learn more about sigil magic.

You can activate your sigil during sex after learning how to build one. At the peak of the orgasm, concentrate on your symbol, which you have placed nearby, and then unwind. With the help of sexual energy, you have now sown a seed in your unconscious mind.

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