Your feline friends will stay healthy and active if you pay good attention to their diet. It’s essential to choose the right food for cats that provide them with essential nutrition. A healthy diet can be an elixir for your cats that would make them active, sporty, and happy.

If your cat is pregnant or has any chronic condition, we recommend consulting experts in the cat veterinary hospital. They will guide you through breed-specific requirements and help you make a proper diet plan for her. 

With the four recommendations given below, you can make changes in the diet plan to give nutritional food that’s right for your cat.

Pick Canned Food Over Kibble

Cats are carnivores, which mean they need to consume meat to meet their daily protein requirements. Moreover, wet food suits their metabolism better than dry food. Kibble has high carbohydrate content and is low in protein and moisture. If you switch to high-quality canned food, it makes their tummy happy and gives them more energy.

Be a Little Careful with the Homemade Food

If you decide to prepare food for your cat, we suggest you first discuss it with your veterinarian to ensure a nutritious diet. The quintessential nutrients required for your cat’s wellbeing are added as per the desired standards in all packaged food during production. However, your homemade food might lack some nutrients that form a crucial part of your kitty’s healthy diet. Do consult your veterinarian, and he/she may recommend vitamins or supplements to fulfil the gap in the cat’s well-balanced diet.

Feeding Quantity and Frequency

It’s necessary to feed them with frequent meals to replicate their natural routines. The amount you give them depends on cats’ age, size, and amount of physical activity they get involved in. To avoid overeating and obesity, reach your vet for the right diet plan. Obesity can harm your cat in a plethora of ways as it increases the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, joint problems, and other ailments. Consult your veterinarian for advice on how to take care of your cat in the best way possible.

Manage Your Cat’s Hydration

It is a high priority for every pet parent to ensure proper water intake and hydration of the kitty. Always give them fresh and lukewarm water to keep urinary tract diseases at bay. Keep a water dish on the floor and replenish it as needed.

Additionally, choose hydrating foods that will help satisfy your furry friend’s water and nutritional demand.

Get Best-in-class Services for Your Feline

Are you looking for a cat-specific veterinarian to help your feline friend stay in good health? You can trust DCC Animal Hospital to give your cats the best possible care. Happy to help you in taking care of your cat because that’s what we are good at.

Having frequent wellness checks for your cats is highly suggested by us. The veterinarian will be able to diagnose a problem that may become a problem for you in future.

At DCC, get connected with a cat-care professional who will listen to your concerns and provide you with the best care options for your pet. Here’s our vet helpline number: (+91) 9311560101. Feel free to call anytime.


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