Top 5 Hacks On Selection Of Marketing Images For Businesses

Humans are inherently visual creatures who not only use their vision to get information from the outside world, but also rely on our eyes for pleasure. Be it looking at a baby laughing, or a beautiful sunset, our peace of mind depends on what we are seeing in our routine life.

Marketing is a field of business that requires skill at all sensory levels. Visually, we learn, absorb and reflect upon more than 90% of the data that enters our brains. Marketing tasks involve putting up visual cues for the consumer to get interested in the product and ultimately, buy it. So, it is essential for you to pick and select the visual cues that would work the most on customers. The question is- what is the parameter of a good visual cue?

Here are the top 5 hacks to get the perfect pictures for your business website.

Check Relevancy

The number one aspect of an image’s success is its relatability. If it is not relevant to the website or the webpage, no matter how attractive it might be, it won’t work. Take, for instance, an online web-space for a shoe business. The accurate images to be used are the ones that reflect the products’ durability, strength and reliability. If you put unnecessary images related to nature or furniture, it will not work at all.

Use Multiple Images

In an internet-wide survey, more than 90% of people answered that they prefer to buy from websites and businesses that have multiple pictures of the products on display. Consumers like websites that have images taken from each angle of the product to correctly judge the dimensions, textures and colors. Because of a major deprivation of the sense of touch, more pictures are required to address the concerns of the viewers. That said, if you can’t get high-quality images for your website, use image stock to get hold of high-quality images.

Size Needs To Be Correct

Picture size matters a lot. In relation to the font as well as the white space on the web design, the number of pictures and their size complete the aesthetics of the website. A miniscule picture will not work where a banner is required and vice versa. Also, it is crucial to have the option to zoom in when it comes to product pictures.

Use Primary Colours

Colours affect our behaviour and psychology to a large extent. While red signifies passion, blue is more of a calming colour and green signifies fertility and prosperity. Understanding these essential qualities of colours and how they can advocate your theme via pictures is an integral part of marketing.

Imbed A Message

When all is said and done, what matters the most is the message that you are conveying through your choice of images. The iconic logos of top brands convey such messages with a single, powerful visual. Integrate such messages in your pictures by asking yourself- “What am I trying to say by selecting this particular picture?”

Images and pictures work as catalysts in a website or webpage where you require audience’s engagement and increased traffic. A picture speaks a thousand words and you, as a business owner, should always strive to make the message impactful and relevant to your brand.

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