Grandparent’s rights attorney – What are the rights and how to fight for them?

Grandparents may have to go through various scenarios where they find it necessary to get custody of their grandkids.  This is usually an extremely emotional circumstance where the judge has to weigh the rights of the parents against the well-being of the child versus the desires and rights of the grandparents. 

You will be rather alarmed to know that there are 2.8 million grandparents in the United States who are raising their grandchildren all alone.  There are times when these individuals don’t have easy access to their grandkids or they feel that they need court intervention to gain custody. If you seek the help of our rights attorney, he will tell you what rights you enjoy as a grandparent.

What are the rights to custody of a grandparent?

The rights of visitation and custody of grandparents are different from one state to another. While the states permit grandparents to file a petition at the court for some kind of visitation with their grandchildren, all states don’t let grandparents apply at the court for custody. 

This clearly means that grandparents don’t have automatic custody rights to their grandchildren. However, they definitely enjoy the right to petition the court, based on the circumstances and state. Being the grandparent, you need to have a clear knowledge of the statute of limitations of the state.

Under the law, a grandparent who needs to request that the court request appearance with a grandkid can record a “appeal” in court. In any case, beside a couple of neighborhood district structures, there are presently no authority court frames explicitly for this reason. Consequently, it very well may be hard to sort out precisely how to record this “request.” Generally, an educated kid guardianship legal counselor can help grandparents looking for appearance freedoms by drafting a family regulation statement to be remembered for the “appeal” to begin the cycle.

In the occasion there is a current family regulation case between the youngster’s folks (for example separate, legitimate partition, parentage, and so on), a grandparent might have the option to request appearance under the current cases. On the off chance that there is no current family regulation case including the grandkid and his/her folks, the grandparent would need to document a request with the family court, beginning a case without any preparation.

How can grandparents get custody of their grandchildren?

Can you gain custody of your grandchildren even after the adult child doesn’t want you to?  this depends on a few factors including the place you reside in.  there are a few states that need one of the following circumstances before granting custody to grandparents.

  •  When either of the parents or both the parents of the adult child has expired
  • When the parents are not fit and have issues regarding drug addiction, alcohol, mental, crime, or physical abuse
  • When the parents are no longer healthy couple or when they have divorced
  • When the child protective services, after an investigation, decide to give custody to the grandparents as they think the child will remain safe 
  • When the grandchild is adult enough to tell the judge that he wants to stay with his grandparents

Regardless of what the situation is, it is usually difficult for grandparents to obtain custody of a grandchild, especially when the close friends or family members of the parents are considered to be more suitable than the guardians. Nevertheless, you can always seek the help of a rights attorney to navigate through such cases.

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