Good Luck Symbols in Amulets and Protective Jewelry

Amulets and talismans are objects with magical properties that bestow strength and power as well as protect from trouble and misfortune. The sources of their power are the esoteric formulas, diagrams, or symbols they carry. People wear them on their bodies, place them above the entrance to a dwelling, or hide in special places. To activate an amulet, one should mentally ‘charge’ it: relax, close your eyes, imagine your goal, and send a mentally signal to your talisman that you want to achieve it. After this, you should put your talisman on your neck (finger, wrist, etc.) and wear it constantly for at least seven days.

Ok, everything is clear with this but what symbols should you choose for your amulet? In this post, we will indicate the most powerful symbols for your jewelry.


The Egyptian cross is a symbol of all eternal deities. The combination of a circle and a cross represents initiation, life, and resurrection. In the Egyptian system of beliefs, ankh gives health and long happy life. It is also the key to opening the gates of paradise and union with God. In amulets, ankh brings balance, boosts energy, and eliminates the causes of illness or fatigue.

Yin Yang

Ying-Yang is an ancient symbol of the Great Limit in Chinese philosophy. The entire universe exists because Yin and Yang bring balance and harmony. Yang stands for the light of the day, the sun, heaven, and the power of creation. This is a dominant and active male symbol. Yin, in contrast, is a symbol of femininity. It represents dark, contemplation, mystery, night, and the emergence of life.


Ganesha is the son of Shiva and Parvati. He is an unyielding guard and even gods trust him to protect their loved ones. Ganesha is known to remove hurdles off one’s way, you just need to ask him and he will clear your path to success. In business, he helps get rid of uncertainty and facilitates decision-making. On top of that, he protects against losses, thieves, and aggression coming from the outside. Ganesha amulets are popular as jewelry and figurines. The latter is placed in a conspicuous place opposite the entrance.


It is an Egyptian symbol of foresight and omniscience. The eye represents gods who are everywhere and everything. As an amulet, it protects from malevolent glances, hostility, envy, and jealousy.

Evil Eye

It is one of the most common protective amulets in the Mediterranean and Middle East countries. It is believed that it protects from people who deliberately wish evil and those who do it unconsciously out of jealousy and envy. An Evil Eye amulet is also able to ward off evil spirits. Although they are invisible to us, they have the power to affect our life and well-being. Evil eye rings, pendants, bracelets, etc. have a positive effect on a person’s fate whether he/she is an adult or a baby.

All-Seeing Eye

The eye of divine wisdom placed into a triangle is a symbol of victory over evil and good intentions. It gives strength and confidence, as well as helps overcome weakness, apathy, and laziness. The eye represents a divine glance that stares into the soul. On the other hand, it is also the source of wisdom, knowledge, and truth.

Longevity Knot

A knot of longevity, which has no end or beginning, emerged circa 590 BC in Tibet. This is a Buddhist symbol denoting a balance required for a healthy and happy life. In a philosophical sense, it means aspiration for knowledge that provides immortality, eternal youth, and beauty.


It is a long-standing symbol of well-being. A person who finds a horseshoe on the road is bound to obtain happiness and prosperity. These horseshoes were hung over the entrance to a house to ensure good luck for every dweller. A horseshoe with upward ends as if catches happiness; if it looks downwards it loses it.


An anchor is a protection for the ship (in a symbolical meaning, it is a person) from the elements (difficulties in life). It provides the sought-after halt before the next adventure. As a symbol of faith in yourself, it helps find your own path and place in life. It also assists to develop strength of character. This symbol favors men.


The beetle is associated with ancient Egyptian mythology. Egyptians believed that it brought good luck and dissipated the veil of evil. Along with that, scarabs symbolize rebirth, spiritual development, and transformation.

Four-leaf clover

It is a popular good luck symbol, which roots can be traced in Celtic culture. Among Celts, it is known as shamrock. The four-leafed clover, although rare, exists in nature. If you find one in a million of three-leafed counterparts, good luck will accompany you wherever you go and whatever you do. According to legends, when Eve was banished from paradise, she took a four-leaf clover with her for good luck.

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