Gold Chains for Men: Types, Price, Quality

Chains are becoming the trend again as they are a timeless piece of jewelry because powerful and influential men have worn chains throughout history. They are the most sought-after jewelry in today’s fashion because of the little effort required in wearing them and their maximum effect on your personality. You might know many men’s gold chains, but do you know how many types are actually there? Or how to check the quality of these chain types? You shouldn’t wonder any longer as we discuss chain types, their quality, and eventually their prices in this article.

Rope Chain Necklaces:

Chain necklaces made in the shape of a rope are one of the most popular necklace types these days. This design doesn’t contain chain blocks connected by links per se; in this case, two strands of twisted gold in a spiral pattern are twisted together to form a rope of gold. This gives them the greatest strength in chains. Due to their sturdiness, you can attach a heavy pendant with them to make them more statement pieces.

Rope chains are more popular among businessmen and rappers to show prestige and wealth while intimidating their opponents. Normally you should wear a single rope chain, but if you are wearing a slimmer chain, you can stack with one or two more to make a pleasant and more intimidating-looking stack. Following are two great examples of Rope Chains:

  1. Hip Hop Bling Rope Chain
  2. Quality:10K gold; ¾” thickness
  3. Price: $6,495
  4. Hollow Gold Rope Chain
  5. Quality: 10K gold, 2.5mm thickness
  6. Price: $134

Curb Chain Chain/Necklaces:

We believe this is the most stylish-looking chain for men. The twisted chain links give off a flowing appearance if polished professionally, which gives off an amazingly sophisticated look. They are subtler chains if thin but almost a statement jewelry if their thickness increases, making it a choice for many. These chains are mostly worn without any pendant. Men are normally seen with more than one chain who can afford them.

Miami Cuban sometimes also comes in curb chains which is their most popular variant and can go with almost all outfits no matter your style. we have a lot of options when it comes to curb chains, and two of them are as follows:

  1. Curb Chain – Diamond Cut
  2. Quality: 14K gold, 3.5mm thickness
  3. Price: $445
  4. LUXURMAN Curb Chain
  5. Quality: 10K gold, 2.8mm thickness
  6. Price: $259

Figaro Chain Necklaces:

These chains were originally designed in Italy but have become popular worldwide due to their unique look while, in essence, like curb chains. The main difference from the curb chain is that they have a longer, normally oval-shaped link after every couple of regular links. Their simple design makes them a priority for an everyday chain for most stylish young men and especially those who want higher standards for accessories. In a few certain cases, these chains can carry a pendant with them like in these:

  1. Figaro Gold Chain
  2. Quality: 10K hollow gold, 6.5mm thickness
  3. Price: $408
  4. Figaro White Gold Chain
  5. Quality: 14K white gold, 5.5mm thickness
  6. Price: $1,110

Box Chain Necklaces:

For men who want a more manly or rugged look in their style. The durable and sturdy design makes this unique from other types of chains and can be worn as a day-to-day accessory. Their sturdiness also allows them to hold pendants of most sizes, especially popular with rappers who want to carry more bling with them. You can buy these box chains for quite a reasonable price.

  1. LUXURMAN Box Chains
  2. Quality: 10K gold, 1.2mm thickness
  3. Price: $208
  4. Adjustable Box Chains
  5. Quality: 14K gold, 1.1mm thickness
  6. Price: $298

Wheat Chain Necklaces:

These chain necklaces resemble a wheat stalk with their intricate braided pattern making them beautifully symmetric. While the thicker chains can be worn standalone, the slimmer ones in the wheat chain go well with a pendant. Don’t be deterred if you don’t hear much about it from others or it isn’t worn as much as other types of chains; these are really good-looking and will provide you with the best outlook, much different from others. You can find the seamlessly blending feel of these chains in the following picks.

  1. Solid Wheat Chain
  2. Quality: 14K white or yellow gold, 1mm thickness
  3. Price: $183
  4. Hollow Wheat Chain
  5. Quality: 14K hollow gold, 1.8mm thickness
  6. Price: $229

Rolo Chain Necklaces:

These are the daintiest of the bunch in our list because they are known to be the standard when discussing thinner chains. Most users typically wear them without pendants or extra stacking as they want to be as subtle as possible. The reason being the attention is taken away from the chain itself if you add an ornament to this type of chain.

The black variants in this line of chains have a great character attached to them and can be worn with a similar shaded pendant if need be. Finally, silver and gold are the most popular colors for rolo chains like these:

  1. Diamond-Cut Rolo Chains
  2. Quality: 14K Gold, 2mm thickness
  3. Price: $206
  4. Oval Hollow Rolo Chains
  5. Quality: 14K hollow gold, 4.5mm thickness
  6. Price: $475

Thick Chain Necklaces:

These are purely statement pieces of jewelry meant to catch the eye and be flashy to achieve that effect. So, to make this stay this way, wear it alone without any other accessory that might take away the attention, even no pendants. We know rappers and pop stars add a lot along with it, but you can’t look like a hip-hop star in your normal daily routine. Even if you want to add something, you can add a matching shade, but with the thinnest chain possible, so this chain stays the focal piece in your outlook.


These are the best chain styles for men’s outlook that you can wear with minimal effort and get the optimum results. After all, a stunning look is what most of us are after when accessorizing with different gold jewelry. 


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