Goals, Treatments, and Health Benefits of Tantra Massage

You probably are familiar with what massage is – having another person working your muscles using the appropriate amount of pressure to ease pain and relieve stress. Well, tantric massage is no different. However, it is distinct from traditional massage in that it involves nudity, healing, your genitals, and mostly orgasms. Are you surprised already?

Tantra massage London is an experiential practice that is far from common massage because it entails the tantric nature of Shakti or in other words, energy. This type of massage works to relieve blockages whether mental, physical, sexual, emotional, or psychological.This, however, is not to say that tantric massage is only focused on orgasms. Instead, the orgasmic potential is just a pleasant result of the massage besides numerous other advantages.

The Experience of a tantric Massage

To begin with, a tantric massage session involves the receiver being in the nude. You start by receiving a full body massage using warm oil. The glorious strokes work to awaken your sensual energy and distribute it over your whole body. Even though a tantric bodywork session doesn’t have to involve your genitals, it is undoubtedly a thing and it can offer you great results.

Your masseur will ask whether you are okay with your private parts being touch and if so, will proceed to caress the inner parts of your genitals. According to massage specialists, this experience gives you a loving, therapeutic, and respectful touch without giving anything in return or reacting in any manner.

A tantra bodywork is a divinely stimulating encounter that everybody should enjoy. It not only feels good, but it also involves many health benefits that come with regular sessions. As it is widely known, massage offers our bodies benefits like reducing pain, stimulating the lymphatic nodes to remove toxins, relieving tension, and easing joint and muscle pain.

Tantric pleasure also lowers blood pressure and regular orgasms are believed to clear the buildup of fluids in the prostate glands and reduce the risk of cancer. Prostate massage can also serve the same purpose. To go further into the details of tantra massage, here are some of its benefits.

It Is Pleasant

We all need something to amuse us. Be it a holiday, hobby, or a relaxing tantra massage London. Getting used to regular massage sessions means you are anticipating something and imagining the pleasure you are about to receive boosts your attitude. There is also the exhilarating expectation of traveling or waiting for your masseuse to ring the doorbell, and thereafter a blissful tantra massage session.

 After the session, you will feel happy, relaxed, and re-charged with the anticipation of doing it again. With regular massage, you also get to know your masseur better and this can add more pleasure to the exercise. Trusting someone’s hands to touch your whole body is not easy but with regular sessions, you will begin to relax and feel good in their presence.

It Improves Mental Health

Tantric massage brings relaxation to even the most anxious person. This is because it stimulates the release of the happy hormone – oxytocin and the pleasure hormone – dopamine. The sense of touch is also good for relieving anxiety. We can all attest that a hug or a massage makes us feel much better, right?

Regular tantric massage relaxes the mind and encourages better sleep, eliminates insomnia, misery, and the frustrations of our busy lives. Less stress means better performance both at work and at home. Our emotional wellness is an essential aspect of our health and we can use regular tantric massage to achieve great results.

Boost Your Confidence

If you have problems expressing your sexual desires and how you’d want to be touched, regular tantric massage is your solution. It can also be a great natural way of dealing with premature ejaculation. Once you are confident enough to stay nude and surrender your body to the hands of another person, you will gain more confidence in the bedroom.

Being comfortable in your skin and having confidence in your sex life improves your life all-round. Self-esteem is very important and without it, we cannot achieve much since we undermine ourselves. Tantric massage can deal with this appropriately. You can take tantric massage as a way of appreciating yourself for all the hard work you do, staying fit, healthy, and stress-free.

Improved Sex Life

With a tantric massage, the sense of touch can help you know your body and what you like. Some men have attested to having some parts of their bodies awakened, parts that they were never aware of. Learning how your body reacts to different touches means you know more about your sexuality.Also, knowing how to touch and reciprocate the same can better your intimate life. You can end your domestic rut by using a massage, positioning, and knowing how to properly undress and touch.

Get Rid of Toxins

Well, tantric massage is not only good for your mental and spiritual well-being. It alsohas some practical benefits like eliminating toxins that build up in our bodies that we get from unhealthy drinks, junk food, lack of exercise, and the severally mentioned stress. Tantra massage can help our bodies to release all these toxins. This happens when one gets to climax and feel both physically and mentally refreshed

Enhanced your Relationship

This can also be a way of improving your relationship in a manner that you never thought of. When you have no blockages and sexual energy can move freely, your life awesomely changes. You no longer feel fearful, embarrassed, and reluctant in your love life. Your partner and yourself can begin enjoying renewed hope for the future while experiencing true intimacy.

Final Thoughts

Tantric massage therapy blends your spirituality and sexuality to create an amazing intimate encounter. A tantra massage aims at giving you satisfaction in a state of meditation. Normalize having tantra massages to improve your sleep quality, libido, relieve anxiety, and work over your sexuality in a healthy way.


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