Fyrakk the Blazing Guide: features and tips

Amirdrassil is a mysterious and beautiful place in the game world, where members encounter amazing adventures and face dangers lurking in its depths. This is an emerald forest, saturated with magic and overgrown with ancient trees that seem to live their own lives.

However, in the depths of Amirdrassil lurk not only beauty and mysteries but also danger. In its depths, there are completely uncontrollable creatures and great threats that come from beyond. One of the terrifying threats in this forest is Fyrakk the Blazing, a powerful boss. His presence in Amirdrassil means only one thing: The heart of Amirdrassil requires your protection. Fyrakk, possessing fiery power and terrible rage, stands in the way of those who boldly set out on this path and now players must fight with this evil.

Fyrakk the Blazing

Fyrakk is the last boss in the Amirdrassil raid and therefore the most difficult, but this feature makes the boss more interesting. Any player with an ilvl over 424 and a character level of 70+ can take part in the raid. The boss has 4 difficulties and each of them has its own item level drop: LFR(450) Normal(463) Heroic(476) Mythic(489).

Fyrakk’s mechanics.

During the passage of the boss, he has 3 phases and also one intermission after first phase. Each phase uses new abilities and mechanics. Our main tasks are to damage the boss and preserve the life of Heart of Amirdrassil.

First phase

At the very beginning of the game, the tanks on your team should bring the boss to the edge of the platform, but the rest of the team should try to stand around the boss and avoid frontal collisions except for the tanks. After this boss uses the wildfire ability and raging flames will appear from the edges of the room, spreading to the nearest locations. Your task is to lower the boss’s HP to 70 percent until the fire reaches the Heart of Amirdrassil.

Abilities and their characteristics.


Firestorm is one of the nasty abilities. She drops meteors on Roots of Amirdrassil and applies a debuff to three players that will create a raging flame after a while. The task of all raiders is to prevent meteorites from hitting them. Players who are infected with the debuff must get closer to the burnt ground to reduce the radius of the new raging flame.

Dream Rend

Periodically the boss will use Dream Rend which pulls players into the center of the action and deals a lot of damage. Your task is to move further away from the explosion to take as little damage as possible.


In the first and second phases, Fyrakk will cast on any raiders Aflame debuff. Be careful, because this debuff can stack endlessly, so you need to dispel it

Dangerous abilities for a tank.

Fyrakk. Fyr’alath’s Flame and Fyr’alath’s Bite abilities focus mainly on the tank, the latter dealing a large hit which marks tanks with Fyr’alath’s Mark. This mark deals with stacking shadow flame damage. Make sure to tank swap at a couple of stacks to keep the incoming damage as low as possible.


When you get the boss’s health down to 70 percent, Fyrakk transforms into his dragon form and lands in the middle of the map, knocking up all players.

Intermission abilities and gameplay


 Fyrakk disintegrates the Heart of Amirdrassil using Shadowflame Breath. The dragon also receives a shield equivalent to 6% of the tree’s health. The raid will have 30 seconds to break this shield, otherwise it will wipe the raid. At this stage you can not stand in front of the dragon, it`s too dangerous.

Shadowflame Orbs

While you are breaking the boss’s shield with Raging Flames, Shadowflame Orbs will move towards Fyrakk. Tanks should intercept most of these orbs, but if they do not have time, then other players should help them because the Shadowflame Eruption ability deals very high area damage.

Second phase

After you have broken through the shield, the second phase begins. Fyrakk transforms into his normal form and lands on the edge of the platform. It is very important for players not to be near him at this moment, otherwise you will die.

Spirits of the Kaldorei

At this stage, Spirits of the Kaldorei will spawn along the edges of the map. These spirits will periodically move towards the heart of Amirdrassil and your mission is to heal them to maximum HP. When you heal, they will have a buff that reduces damage by 99%. These spirits play an important role in the second phase of the game because they increase the HP of the tree.

Boss abilities  and their features

Greater Firestorm.

Similar to Phase 1, meteors will be called down on players which will deal damage and create some smaller meteor shards. After the meteors fall, tanks will be afflicted with a debuff which will spawn Burning Colossus near them.

 Burning Colossus adds will deal a large amount of damage to the target, so tanks must pick them up. The main task is to kill them before reaching 100 % charge, otherwise, they will use the Exploding Core skill, which deals a lot of area damage. The phase will not end until Greater Firestorm and Shadowflame Devastation will not work twice during the phase. You must deal as much damage as possible during this period, the difficulty of the third phase depends on this.

Shadowflame Devastation.

Fyrakk transforms into his dragon form and periodically casts a sweeping breath in a line across the platform which players must avoid being hit by. After casting this ability, Screaming Souls appear in the arena. This trash can cast Searing Screams on other players which deals Shadowflame damage and can stack infinitely and also intercept Spirits of the Kaldorei turning them into Screaming Souls. You must not allow this to happen, so killing these souls takes priority over killing Burning Colossus.

Third phase

Seed of Amirdrassil

In the third phase, nothing threatens Amirdrassil’s heart, and seeds of Amirdrassil appear in the arena. Some players should pick them up. In normal difficulty, there will be 6 seeds, in heroic 4. Seeds from Amirdrassil are used as a shield for 6 seconds from dangerous boss abilities such as Apocalypse Roar. But you need to be careful not to receive shadow flame damage to the players carrying the seeds because this will turn the seed into a Blazing Seed, which deals a lot of damage over 6 seconds for all players.

Boss abilities  and their features

Eternal Firestorm

This ability, like the previous phase, causes meteors to hit players, but when they hit the ground they create a Swirling Firestorm that moves across the battlefield in any direction. Also, a debuff is applied to random players and a meteorite flies directly at the player. If a meteorite is focused on a player with a seed of Amirdrassil,  the player must throw it away and run, another player must pick up the seed.

Apocalypse Roar

When using the ability, Fyrakk will roar and all players will receive a lot of instant and periodic damage. To avoid this you must use the seed of Amirdrassil to block it.

Shadowflame Breath

Fyrakk will cast a frontal breath which deals lethal damage to players standing in it. Make sure to avoid it.

Infernal Maw

A dangerous ability that deals a lot of physical damage to tanks and applies a shadow flame dot that stacks on the tank. You won’t be able to dispel this effect, so try to switch tanks.

Heroic mode ability

If you complete Fyrrak on Heroic difficulty, another ability is added.

During all phases, random players will gain the Blaze debuff. Players with this debuff should run away from others before the debuff expires. Upon expiration, this debuff will unleash waves of flame that explode outwards.

Rewards for defeating the Boss

Fyr’alath Legendary Weapon

After killing Fyrakk, someone from your raid group can receive Fyr’alath the Dream Render axe. This weapon has 496 ilvl, but not every player can use it. The axe can be equipped by Paladins, Death Knights and Warriors. Sometimes after Fyrakk kill, you can get a Greater Coal of Fyr’alath. These items increase your chance to loot the Legendary axe on next kill when used.

Reins of Anu’relos, Flame’s Guidance

A rare flying raid mount that can be obtained by defeating Fyrakk on the Mythic difficulty. The entire raid group is given two such mounts for one kill. The players who will receive it are chosen randomly.

Other useful loot

Fyrakk is known to drop several notable items, including the Renewed Proto-Drake: Embodiment of the Blazing customization, highly sought-after trinkets such as Augury of the Primal Flame, Blossom of Amirdrassil, and Fyrakk’s Tainted Rageheart.

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Fyrakk the Blazing is not just a boss, he is a great test and exciting challenge for the brave explorers of Amirdrassil. Defeating Fyrakk the Blazing opens the door to great rewards and proves that the strength of a team and the courage of individual heroes can overcome any obstacles. This boss leaves an unforgettable impression.


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