Future of recruitment: Predictions for 2022

The pandemic greatly changed the recruitment field. What seemed like a difficult period opened up new possibilities for both job seekers and recruiters. Hiring processes moved to virtual platforms and jobs to remote locations. This presented recruiters with a global talent pool and more ways to source candidates. On the other hand, power shifted from employers to employees. Employees started demanding human considerations in their jobs – flexibility, inclusivity, and more benefits. A huge percentage chose to leave their jobs in what is dubbed the great resignation. Recruiters are now faced with the challenge of retaining employees and filling positions in the midst of a talent shortage. These trends are likely to spill over to 2022. Moreover, recruiters who are focused on successful hiring need to consider these trends in their hiring strategy. Here are 5 predictions that are likely to shape recruitment in 2022.

Use of technology

In a candidates’ market, candidate experience is key. A negative experience and they are likely to leave the hiring channel and move to other employers who promise a better experience. For this reason, recruiters will continue to employ technology in sourcing, screening, analyzing, and chatting with candidates. Agile recruiters are already using chatbots to answer candidates’ questions, automation to automate repetitive tasks and analytics in a bid to streamline the hiring process for improved efficiency. Recruiters will likely continue relying on technology to cast their nets wider and to qualify candidates using online tests before human interaction. In addition, SEO and recruitment marketing are becoming necessary in recruitment. 2022 will see recruiters optimize job ads for SEO and incorporate marketing strategies in a bid to ensure that they get high potential candidates in their pools.

Candidates’ expectations

The lockdown and having to work from home was an eye-opener for employees for the value that they give to organizations. In addition, they are now more aware of their market value with all the information floating around the internet.  What’s more, most got to understand what is more valuable in life – family and community overwork. Most are now questioning the why in their roles, and employers have the task of making all employees feel valued. In 2022, recruiters who want to bag the best candidates will have to give priority to job seekers’ expectations. On top of traditional benefits, candidates will continue demanding others such as flexibility in terms of hours and location, childcare support, parental leave, and more.


2022 is predicted to be the year of great rehire. The pandemic is hopefully almost behind us, and companies are preparing to get back to the pre-corona state. However, as said earlier, the recruitment field has greatly changed. Employers who don’t have enough resources to put an efficient and effective hiring strategy in place are choosing to outsource the hiring process to experts. In 2022, recruiters will continue partnering with third parties to hire and manage employees. What’s more, companies that choose to work with hiring experts such as international PEO stand to experience improved scalability, a faster and efficient hiring process, boosted employer branding, and compliance with hiring regulations among other benefits.

Wider talent pool

Even with a shortage of talents, recruiters have the hope of recruiting globally. The pandemic played a big part in the recent shift from offices to remote locations. Moreover, what seemed impossible became possible and now most employers are even reluctant to go back to brick and mortar. Most importantly, recruiters are now realizing that their talent pool isn’t limited to the locality. They can now source candidates from all over the world who are more skilled and the right fit. Come 2022, recruiters will continue leveraging the widened recruitment reach.

Enhanced diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are a buzz right now with employers focusing their efforts on building diverse and inclusive teams. This is majorly driven by society expectations who expect organizations to model the make of the society. Job seekers also expect to find diverse employees in companies where they seek employment. Most are keen on finding out the commitment of organizations to diversity and inclusion. In addition, employers are realizing the benefits that come with diverse teams that include enhanced creativity and productivity. For these reasons, DE&I will continue to carry a lot of weight in recruitment decisions even in the coming year.


Recruitment is changing and futuristic companies are changing with it. If recruiters are to effectively and successfully source, screen, and qualify candidates, keeping up with recruitment trends is crucial. Recruiters have to adapt their hiring process not only for the current trends but also for those that are likely to shape the future. The above 5 predictions for 2022 are a good place to start.

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