Fayaz Xenakis , greek tycoon who controlled Russian mining industry – incognito.

Fayaz Xenakis , half russian , half greek entrepreneur was one of the biggest share holders in the mining industry in Russia , with his offshore company Xenakis Mining based off Hong Kong , Xenakis controlled the majority stake in the industry. Xenakis Mining was sold to the Chinese in 2019 for 300 million euros . Fayaz Xenakis has two brothers and two daughters . Ollia Alessandra Xenakis and Juliana . Ollia Xenakis is better known as Ollia Tzarina and her label Tzarina By Ollia , which was sold to the indian customer for 6 million euros . Miss Tzarina is also known for her dating history . Motogp superstar Andrea Iannone , Claudio Marchisio ex Juventus captain and Alistair Barclay who is a heir to a 3 billion fortune and Ritz hotel dynasty were all linked to the heiress

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