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Do’s and Don’ts While Interior Designing Your Home

Bangalore is fast garnering the attention of thousands of people. In 2018, its population touched a whopping 12 million. Since then, it has rapidly turned into a megacity. Approximately 51 percent of Bangalore’s population comprises migrants.

Therefore, people usually try to live closer to their workplaces. It has led to the development of several modern residential areas. The young homeowners here desire sleek and smart living spaces.

So it’s essential to look into the services of interior designers in Bangalore that provide great customization ideas, so you get a home that fully aligns with your personality. Moreover, you can see your interiors acquiring the desired shape in as little as 12 days with such a service. 

Achieving professional-looking interiors is crucial for a great design. Here are some do’s and don’ts for crafting beautiful interiors. 

Do’s of Interior Designing 

1.   Balance warm and cool shades in your interiors 

Interiors should have a good combination of warm and cool colors. Ensure that you are making use of varied patterns within the same color palette. For example, you can place a large floor rug in your room having different colors. Then you can place a variety of accessories in that room having a similar shade.

2.   Group furnishings and accessories

People love to collect a lot of stuff. But to create a harmonious atmosphere, you should group the furniture and accessories rather than scattering them throughout the premises.

Create tiny groups with furniture items you like. If you have a very special thing, ensure that you only have a single piece of it. It will emphasize its unique value.

3.   Use appropriate light fixtures.

Use fixtures whose size is appropriate for dressing the room. They build the ambiance you desire. Equate it to a jewelry piece that you use to enhance the look of a dress. You can use recessed lighting for the living room and bedroom, while overhead pendants work best for the kitchen.

4.   Use decorative pillows

Decorative pillows that are soft and plush in appearance instantly impart a wow factor. You can transform any space into its warm and welcoming version by adding a pop of pattern or a touch of chic color with decorative pillows. 

Don’ts of Interior Designing

1.   Don’t select an incorrect format.

Often, homeowners choose the wrong formats of décor and accessories. For instance, a giant lamp hanging over a dining table can make the whole place look tiny. Instead, you can place various small accessories like plants and distribute them evenly. 

2.   Don’t go overboard with matching furniture. 

Ask any design expert for advice, and they will tell you to refrain from being too matchy. Rather than matching textiles and furniture, think about how you can bring them together and have them align with one another. The idea here is to forge a unified look. It means showcasing pieces, all of which share a common characteristic.

3.   Don’t place furniture against your wall.

When you place large pieces of furniture against the wall, it makes the room appear less spacious. You can easily make any place look bigger if you place furniture pieces like chairs or sofa a few centimeters away from the wall.

4.   Don’t leave any room secluded.

People often forget to create a seamless flow from one to the other room. Leaving any room secluded interrupts a balanced appeal of the interiors. Consider linking adjacent spaces to achieve a visually aesthetic effect.

The high-flying techie population of Bangalore loves minimalist interiors. Keeping in mind the do’s and don’ts mentioned above will prevent you from committing home designing mistakes.

Look for an experienced interior designer in Bangalore thatprovides you with a 3D view of the finalized interior designing plans. You can thus understand well how your abode will look post the completion of the designing process. 

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