Dental Implants: Advantages, Risks, and Insurance

You may have lost many teeth, making you uncomfortable while eating or conversing with others. Now you are thinking about dental implants in your mouth. You may want to know the dental implants benefits, but at the same time, you have doubts about their risks. 

Knowing the dangers of dental implants before going through the operational procedures is wise. Therefore, let me help you to clear your hesitation. In my guideline, I have mentioned the benefits and possible threats you may face after surgery. 

The Advantages And Risks Of Dental Implants

The merits and perils of dental implants are given below in detail. 

The Dental Implant Acts Like A Natural Tooth.

The best merit of the dental implant is using it as a natural tooth. It is designed according to the shape and size of your other good teeth and permanently placed in the vacant place in your jawbone. As a result, it helps you to chew and eat anything you want, and you will not feel discomfort. 

Retains Your Facial Construction

When no teeth are in your mouth, your cheeks start to get inserted and damage your facial outlook. You look more aged where you are not so. At this point, the dental implant helps you from a premature age. It helps your cheek stay in position.

Prevents Bone Loss

Dental implants prevent bone loss in your mouth. A gap is seen in that position when the injured tooth or teeth are uprooted. It allows the next tooth to be displaced and takes place to lessen the empty point. 


Another advantage of dental implants is their permanence. They are long-lasting and bio- compatible that match the body and do not harm the jaw. In addition, once you have a dental implant, you will not have to visit a dentist for dental issues. 

A dental implant offers you at least 25 years of durability, whereas a dental bridge gives only ten years of longevity. 

Easy To Clean

It is easy to clean and does not require special care for your dental. You can brush, floss, or do anything you want like you used to do with your natural teeth. 

Improves Your Speech

Teeth are necessary to utter a meaningful sound. Your speech will not be understood when there are no teeth. What you say will be unclear to others, which makes you ashamed. 

In this case, a dental implant can help you. It improves your uttering and removes your hesitation in speaking. 

Frees From Cavities 

A dental implant can free you from the risk of cavities. Germs can be created when the foods are inserted in an empty place and get rotten. It also injures your good teeth

A dental implant fills the gap in the vacant area and does not let the eaten items take shelter. As a result, you will not face cavity and tooth damage problems.

Now, take a look at the risk of dental implants. 

Sinus Damage 

Sinus injury is probable during the dental implant procedure. It happens when the operation is done in the upper jaw in your mouth. 

The alarming thing is the jaw is just below the nasal sinus. The sinus tissues can be a risk of destruction while implanting an artificial tooth. It directly hits the tissues, which leads to the infection or discomfort problem. 

Nerve Damage 

Another peril you may face with dental implants is damaging the nerves in the jawbone. If it happens, you will meet the problem of getting pain in the treated area. Sometimes you have to deal with numbness or pain in the natural teeth, gums, lips, or chin. 

Teeth Damage 

The dental implant inserts the artificial tooth in the area of uprooted teeth. The surgeon has to drill in the jaw bone to get the implant set which may impair the root of the following natural teeth. 

Gum Infection 

Gum can be infected if the operation is not done correctly. For example, bacteria can be inserted if a gap remains between the gym and inserted teeth. As a result, you will encounter gum problems. Bleedings, swell, red, and pus leaking are examples of gum problems.  

Do Dental Implants Cost Cover By Insurance?

Insurance for dental implants helps you to cut your total cost in implanting procedures up to 50 percent. But most of the insurance companies in the USA do not give an offer like this because they think the dental implant belongs to a cosmetic procedure. 


A dental implant fills the gap in the mouth and gives you a natural smile. But, undoubtedly, it has some issues that can happen after surgery. Knowing them well is better for you while planning a dental implant. 

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