Custom Screen Printing versus Digital Printing

When you are looking for t-shirt printing companies near me, you will see that you have a few possibilities, two of which are digital printing and screen printing. The latter is hundreds of years old, whereas the former is relatively new as technology advances. Here’s a look at the many types of printing on garments and why screen printing is still popular for large orders.

Screen printing is quicker and cheaper

The main reasons for screen printing still being popular today is how quickly printers can get it done and turn around bulk orders and how much cheaper it is compared to digital printing. Digital printing is best for small qualities of higher quality custom tshirt printing. Screen printing is harder to set up as you need a screen per ink color, but once it is done an experienced printer can get 100s done an hour. It means you should use digital printing if you want a lot of color as there is no limit and it is better detailed but screen printing is fine for fewer colors and less fine detail. There is no screen with digital printing so there is just one flat fee but the inks are more expensive. With screen printing, once the setup is done they can charge a lot less for higher quantities.

Digital printing allows more control

Digital printing is a lot more recent, as graphic design on computers developed and printers developed so did the possibility of direct-to-garment printing. More and more people use their computers to create unique designs for their custom printing Singapore needs every year. Digital printing is the next evolution of screen printing. You have no limit on the colors you can use, you can now print on any color top or garment, and you can get high-quality images printed on like photos. With digital printing, you have a lot more control over what goes on the garment than you do with screen printing. You can auto-match the ink to the colors in the image to exactly replicate the original design. Over the last ten to twenty years advances in digital printing have really come a long way. 

Why screen printing remains the frontrunner

For smaller runs or single items a lot of people use this printing, or if there is a lot of color or the detail is very important. For larger quantities of custom tshirt printing screen printing remains the most popular choice because the results are fine for what you want, and it is cheaper. For the printer there are advantages and disadvantages to each setup. You need the screens and such for the screen printing and space to set it up. For digital printing, you need to invest in more expensive technology and if you want to speed up the printing process you need multiple specialist printers to handle your orders. For now, for marketing purposes, team sports, fun shirts for friends and employees it seems screen printing has the edge.

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