Discover How Crystals Will Make You Better In The Following Situations

Healing with crystals is a wonderful form of alternative therapy to enhance your life. Man has been using healing crystals way back in time. The ancient Sumerians were using crystals in magic formulas by 3400 BC. Ancient Egyptians used crystal jewelry for health, protection, and to avoid evil spirits. In the modern world, people use crystals to balance various personality aspects, life, and the mind. There are various healing crystals each with special properties and unique energy to alter one’s thinking and feeling. Healing crystals are also beneficial for mental health.


Placing the crystal on a particular part of the body improves the current condition, heals, and wards of bad energy. The best thing about crystals is the ability to balance emotional frequencies.  Meditating with crystals and using them to set intentions alters negative thought patterns and energy frequencies to change actions.  When held back in life by a particular predisposition, bad habit, going through hell, you can benefit from using crystals in the following ways.

When facing anxiety

Very many people suffer from various mental health problems including anxiety. When in such a situation, the obvious solution is to go and see a doctor, therapist, or other forms of alternative medicine. However, you should consider using healing crystals for anxiety. Lepidolite is the ideal healing crystal to manage anxiety.

Using this crystal has the same feeling a getting a hug from a friend. Lepidolite is a natural soother and one of the greatest solutions to stabilize mood. This is the therapist gem for its high amounts of lithium applied in anti-anxiety medicine. Meditating using lepidolite from a crystal shop calms an anxious and overactive mind to help you avoid catastrophe.

Lacking confidence

There are moments when you have the talent and skill to do incredible things but you lack the confidence to make it happen. Tiger’s Eye’ is a healing stone that you need to boost your confidence. It is a golden banded stone that will help you face challenges and head to the top. A blocked Solar Plexus chakra, the realm of personal power is responsible for blocking self-confidence. This chakra is the source of inner fire for associating with the Fire element.

Tiger’s Eye aligns with the Solar Plexus chakra to skyrocket your confidence. Additionally, this healing crystal allows making decisions and solving dilemmas when you have failed to get an action plan. You can use this beautiful crystal to get inspiration for projects, gain confidence, and become brave enough to follow your dreams. The healing crystal also empowers you to as for what you want by giving you an assertive dose.

Failing to sleep or battling an addiction

Everyone needs quality sleep. This is because quality rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul. Good sleep makes you wake up the next morning feeling fresh and refreshed. Failing to sleep is unhealthy. You end up fatigued and failing to handle all your chores. Fortunately, amethyst is a healing crystal to help improve your sleep. Gazing into its glimmering hypnotic points with a violet hue improves sleep. Violet light soothes nervous and mental disorders and produces melatonin that stimulates sleep.

An addiction is something you should make effort to quit. Amethyst is a wonderful healing crystal that helps with addiction. It helps stop obsessing, overthinking, and calms the mind to protect your mind from swirling with negative thoughts. Keeping amethyst next to the bed helps prevent insomnia and protects you from nightmares. This healing crystal aligns with the Crown and Third Eye Chakras that connect to the pineal gland responsible for regulating sleep patterns.

Healing from a breakup

Losing a loved one is one of the most painful moments in life. Fortunately, rhodonite is a healing stone to help you go through heartache smoothly. Crystal comfort comes in handy when things get a bit too much or when your heart is broken. This gorgeous healing stone is very helpful in managing heartache especially when you have to deal with unrequited love. You will gradually begin to heal again after enduring emotional turmoil.

This healing stone has a soft pink hue that radiates with the same color frequency of higher love to remind you of the ultimate compassion with yourself. Rhodonite will help you gently release your attachment to the past and bring peace to make you feel supported. This healing crystal is a wonderful barrier energizer to keep negative energy away from your life. Keep this healing stone close by when a toxic person draining your energy.

When facing some of life’s unending troubles, healing crystals are a wonderful companion. These serve various purposes including boosting your mood during different situations such as when going through a heartbreak, lacking confidence, and failing to get quality sleep. You can purchase a healing stone of your choice to enhance your life.


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