The 7 BEST Credit Cards of 2021

We’re gonna have the best starter card, the best cash back credit card, the best grocery card, the best card for dining, the best welcome bonus card, the best travel card, the best zero percent interest card.

Best Starter Card

Citi Double Cash Card

So for the best starter card of 2021 the first card is gonna be the City Double Cash Card. Many of you guys may have heard of it, surprisingly many of you guys may actually have this card in your wallet. So when it comes to the city double cash card they do a great job in nailing down the basics and the fundamentals of having an easy straight forward credit card. To start the approval rate is pretty high compared to other issuers in the industry when we’re talking about a starter credit card and most people applying for these cards who don’t have a credit score. The most important thing that they can look into or have on their side is getting approved for these cards. The city double cash card has an extremely high approval rate they have no annual fee. You get two per cent cash back. It is simple to use and there’s a little bit more icing on the cake you get 18 months of 0% APR. I’m gonna recommend this as the best starter card for this year if you’re looking to apply for this card the recommended credit score that i say you should have would be at least 580.

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