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The top strategy to crack NEET physics and I have some amazing tips to score 140+ marks.

Weightage of Chapters

Now let us have a look at the weightages of this lesson and I have also given a separate column for the number of questions asked from these chapters note that these weightages are not constant for every year it may be slightly based on the last 10 years of NEET Exam analysis we got these weightages.

Weightage of the lessons                                                              CLASS 11

Lesson% WeightageNo. of Questions
Physical World2%1
Laws of Motion4%3
Work Energy Power3%2
System of Particles and Rotational Motion5%2
Properties of Bulk Matter3%2
Kinetic Theory3%1
Oscillations and waves3%2

Weightage of the Lessons                                                              CLASS 12

Lesson% WeightageNo. of Questions
Current Electricity8%4
Manage effect of Current and Magnetism5%2
EMI and AC8%3
EM Waves5%1
Wave Optics4%2
Ray Optics6%3
Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation6%2
Atoms and Nuclei3%1
Electronic Devices9%3

Important (DO OR DIE) Chapters

Obviously more weighted chapters or most important chapters, these were the dual day chapters so you need to be very careful regarding these chapters.

Important Chapters
Laws of Motion
Work Energy and Power
Current Electricity
Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation
EMI and AC
) Electronic Devices

How to Get 140+ in Physics

Let us learn how to get 140+ marks in NEET physics. We can divide all the chapters into three parts.

Difficulties of Lessons

  1. Easy Chapters
  2. Moderate Chapters
  3. Difficult Chapters

Easy Chapters

First of all easy chapter, you need to be very thorough with these lessons please don’t skip any of these lessons these are the lessons you can master in very little time with minimum effort, so try to complete these lessons faster I hope if you work hard you can most of all these lessons within few days and you’ll get 15 to 20 questions from these chapters.

LessonsNo. of Questions
Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation2
Atoms and Nuclei1
Electronics Devices3
EMI and AC3
Physical World1
Kinetic Theory1
EM Waves1

Moderate Chapters

Moderately difficult chapters, these are the lessons you need to spend time and effort to master. I’m not saying it is a difficult lesson but there are lots of easy concepts you need to spend time and effort to get perfect in these topics and you will be getting 15 to 20 questions from these chapters.

LessonsNo. of questions
Current Electricity4
Magnetic Effect of Current2
Laws of Motion3
Work Energy Power2
Wave Optics2
Oscillations and Waves2
Properties of Bulk Matter2

Difficult Chapters

Difficult lessons these are the lesson which is having a lot of concepts examiner may ask different types of questions from these chapters, in order to cover these chapters you need to work very hard and you need to do deep work.

LessonsNo. of questions
Ray Optics3
System of Particles and Rotational Motion2

If you are thorough with easy and moderately difficult lessons surely you can able to attend 30 to 35 questions which are equivalent to 120 to 140 marks if you need to get 140+ marks you need to master difficult lessons too obviously this is a deciding factor for the NEET Exam.

EASY LESSONS = 15 to 20 questions

MODERATE LESSONS = 15 to 20 questions

TOTAL QUESTIONS = 30 to 35 questions

120 to 140 Marks


Think like this if all the lessons in physics were easier, so everybody can master all these lessons and everybody can score more marks in Physics but that is not the thing hard is what that makes it great this is a factor that differentiates you from others if you like to differentiate you from others then definitely you need to work hard.

Smart strategies to Crack NEET Physics


Some students learn one day the important chapters but there is a more probability that the examiner may ask easy questions from non-important or difficult topics and may ask difficult questions from important or easy topics, so the students studying only the important chapters failed in this case So I prefer not to leave any chapter at least study few concepts from that lessons still it helps you solve some problems.


Give importance to the previous year questions after you have thoroughly studied the concept the next thing you need to do is to solve the previous year question which is the very basic thing you need to do because many times the questions are repeated previous year questions will give you the idea that most of the questions are asked moreover previous year questions cover almost all the concepts of the lesson so give importance to previous year questions.

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Quality matters than quantity If you ask me what is the best study material for physics, it is definitely NCERT on your physics notes taken during class these materials are very important for preparation to make sure your concentrate more on your notes.


Don’t try to solve from last questions. Sometimes examiners set up a question like this very difficult questions at the beginning of the paper and easy questions at the end of the paper so students may think that the exam paper is very difficult and make it anxious and stressful don’t worry guys about this situation just take a breath and start doing problem from the end always keep this in your mind if exam paper is difficult, it is not only difficult for you, it’s difficult for everyone.

So, it’s the best strategy to crack NEET, follow these steps to score 140+ in Physics.


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