Country Clothing Styles That Have Come And Gone

Fashion trends change all the time, and country clothing has not avoided this fate. Many styles have come and gone over the years, with a few that will be missed until they come back around, and others that aren’t ready for a comeback yet. Australian country clothing has gone through many of the same transformations as others around the world, and The Signature Bull is supplying all the latest trends. 


Rhinestones are a common thread that runs through many seasons of country clothing. They add sparkle and splash to any piece of clothing and can brighten the outfit of anyone who wears it. Often used for stage outfits, for evening wear, and hats that grab attention. 


Fringe comes in many materials, all hanging down from shirts, jackets, bags, and purses, and even down the side of pant legs. It sways with movement, and while some people think it adds a great focus for attention, others find it to be a distraction and bothersome. Fringe is popular for people who are performing and especially those who are dancing. Line dancing and two steps are popular country dances, and their movements cause the fringe to move and flare out. 

The Nudie suit

The Nudie suit was a fashion trend that is likely to remain popular with some people for many years to come and has gone in and out of favor several times in the past few decades. They are an iconic style with a perfect fit, embroidery, rhinestones, and more. The designs brought focus to them and they were the center of attention anywhere they were worn. Easily recognizable by the pattern and styling, they will always have a home in fashion history and museums.


Denim and blue jeans are the height of country clothing, have always been, and likely always will be. Created as a pair of pants that is heavy enough to last and put up with the work on a farm. These are true country wear, rooted in tasks, work, and country life. It mixes well with other textures and fabrics and works well as a neutral to add to any look. 

Cowboy hats

Cowboy hats are another trend that began due to functionality. Designed to keep the sun off of the face and neck, preventing heatstroke and sunburn, it became a necessary part of the country style. Reaching its peak popularity in the 1980s and 1990s, it is an iconic accessory that is worn as often for fashion as it is for function. Paired with cowboy boots, built for keeping the feet on saddle stirrups to protect the feet while working, and as a long-lasting piece of footwear, the look is complete.
Much of the country-style began as a function that was useful on the farm and became a key part of the style for years to come. While the trends and styles will continue to change, some pieces will continue to remain classic and can be added to newer trends to complete any look.

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