Cloud Forex CRM – how to choose the best one?

As a Forex broker, focusing on CRM is a great way to stand out from others. Your business is more likely to succeed financially if you have an efficient broker management system, namely, a Forex brokerage Client Relations Management. Due to the fact that most Forex brokers are normally limited to one trading platform and provide similar services, a good CRM can become your competitive advantage.

Forex CRM allows you to build lasting relationships with your clients. If you are looking to understand them better, it is also the best software for you. From lead generation to lead management, no client will fall through the cracks. Moreover, FX CRM includes MT4/MT5 CRM integration, scheduled reporting, status and bonuses system, multi-level IB, and much more.

How to choose the best solution for your company?

Nowadays, Forex CRM has become a prerequisite for any Forex broker to be successful. For a perfect fit, you need to understand what the system can offer and what exactly you want it to do. A good place to start is to set your goals and then to come up with a FX CRM strategy for your brokerage firm.

The Forex CRM you end up with depends on both your requirements and resources. For instance, a cloud Forex CRM might be more appropriate for your brokerage than a traditional solution.

Therefore, it is advisable to draw a checklist for comparing different Forex CRM solutions’ setup and performance before committing to any of them. This simple step allows you to exhaustively list and prioritise your needs and requirements and to spell out your concerns, such as low levels of customer satisfaction or lack of traffic. Next, you can use this checklist to drive the decision-making on the CRM and choose the one that will fit you the best.

Customising your Forex CRM according to your clients’ needs is equally important. Financial success aside, your CRM should assist you in your communication with clients and do so effectively. It also would be a good idea to plan for your future needs and to take them into account when making a purchase.

Finally, you need to make sure that the solution you choose is equipped with automation features. By setting up an automated workflow, you save both money and time so you can concentrate on other aspects of business operations that require close attention.

If we are talking about the industry leaders, the first Forex CRM solution that springs to mind is Trader’s Room and Forex Back Office, cloud solutions from UpTrader, a trusted and well-known forex technology provider. The company offers a range of solutions that assist brokers in enhancing their operations and realising their growth potential.

What is Trader’s Room

Trader’s Room is a Forex CRM solution that acts as a client interaction platform for Forex brokerages. Its features include verifying and registering customers according to regulations, accepting and sending payments, making deposits and withdrawals, opening accounts on trading platforms and saving trading history, providing fresh technical analysis and economic calendar and so much more.

Trader’s Room is a perfect example of a SaaS solution that can help you manage your business more effectively. This platform, available to both individual and corporate clients and back office teams, can truly optimise their operations and increase their potential for bringing back revenue.

About IB Program

Lately, our Multi Level IB Program integration feature has been really popular among our customers. It extends opportunities to skyrocket your business widely. The IB program is a fantastic tool that is highly popular in forex business. It is very efficient because it enables partners to earn revenue by referring traders. 

You can set up a fee system based on several criteria: by lots and by volume, referral links, banners, multi-level support, information on managing partners and their data, the option for partners to manage and track information about their clients, calculation and accrual of partner commissions, and statistical analysis.

The main thing is that UpTrader CRM has a bunch of combinations that can definitely fit into your business goals. Just find the best one. 

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