Choosing The Right Headset With Surround Sound

Gaming is a popular entertainment option for many people, especially young people. Additionally, many people are making a living playing game professionally. The video and computer games available are using the latest technology and the sound effects are created to make playing the game more immersive. The gaming experience depends to a large extent on the hardware which the person playing the game has. Usually, people playing games are investing a large amount in getting the best hardware, their computers or laptops are far more expensive than computers that most other people use. They would also like to use the best sound or audio system available.


Many gaming enthusiasts are preferring to use headsets for high-quality audio to avoid disturbing other people in their homes. Some of the factors which should be considered while purchasing a gaming headset with surround sound are discussed. One of the main considerations while purchasing a gaming headset is the budget of the buyer. There is a wide range of gaming headsets available to match the budget of the buyer and they differ in their quality and features. The best headsets are using the latest technology like THX surround sound with greater spatial accuracy and haptic for an enhanced gaming experience.


Connectivity is an important consideration while purchasing a gaming headset. Many young people prefer to use wireless headsets since they have more mobility they are restricted by the wires to hear the sounds. The wires also may get tangled or cut. For wireless headsets WiFi or Bluetooth can be used for connectivity, however, users should be aware, that sound quality may get affected by interference. Those who want high-quality audio/sound may use wired headsets, though they have disadvantages like restricted movement and damage to audio cables. In some cases, wireless headsets have a provision for using a removable audio cable for connectivity, which can be used if the interference or noise levels are higher.


The sound quality is also an important factor that should be considered while purchasing the headset. The better headsets have multiple drivers, which are optimized for the best sound quality at different frequency ranges like low, mid, and high audio frequencies and THX surround sound so that all sounds are clearly audible. The noise cancellation feature should also be checked while purchasing a headset, especially if there is likely to be a lot of background noise. Many of the headsets also include a detachable microphone with a super cardioid or cardioid pickup pattern, so that the voice is accurately recorded even at low frequencies.

Mechanical Features

Since most users are wearing the headset for many hours daily while playing games, it is important to choose a well-designed headset, so they feel comfortable even in warm weather. The earbuds are usually made from memory foam, which is soft to reduce the pressure of the headset. They use breathable fabric, to prevent the accumulation of sweat, and heat while playing games for longer time periods. The headband is usually made from reinforced steel material so that it is strong, flexible, and durable. The headband has some cushioning to reduce pressure on the head.

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