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Check Out These Effective Tips To Keep Your AC Up & Running!

The temperature is skyrocketing, and AC is our only relief in this high temperature. However, maintenance of AC is extremely crucial; if timely maintenance is not done,  your air conditioner can ditch you when needed. Therefore, it is advised to be precise before buying the air conditioner; you need to be very careful about the right size, tonnage, and energy consumption that suits your lifestyle and living conditions. 

Thompson Air offers personalized servicing in installation, maintenance, and design to cater to the tailored needs of an individual. Their products are affordable, and they also provide a variety of price ranges. 

Here are a few practical tips to keep your AC up and running:

AC switching on and off time

Most people ignore this, but it is essential to switch the AC on and off at the right time. For example, before coming to your home, you can switch on the AC half-hour prior for the AC to gradually cool the room, which doesn’t put a lot of pressure on the mechanism to cool. As a result, the room cools down progressively and gives you a cold environment when you enter your house. Switching off the AC at the right time is also essential as that will help save on energy bills and keep the AC functioning for longer. 

Checking air filter regularly

This is the most needed and easiest maintenance tip to keep your AC fit and fine. Changing the air filter regularly ensures that dirt doesn’t get built up inside the vents; there are many signs to know if your filter needs cleaning. If your AC is giving out less coil air taking a lot of time to make the room cooler, it’s time to change filters. 

Placement of the outdoor unit

You need to take care of the outdoor unit as much as you are taking care of your AC. The outdoor unit shouldn’t be placed in direct sunlight and should be kept well covered, although ensuring not to cover the outlet, only to cover it in a manner that protects from sunlight, dust, and debris. If not kept properly, your system will take more time to cool the room, thereby putting pressure on the AC.

Program your thermostat

This helps in the long run; if you have a programmable thermostat, you don’t have to worry about your AC. The temperature will be automatically maintained, and you don’t have to worry about it constantly. You can upgrade your thermostat when necessary. When it comes to Air conditioning in Adelaide, you need more flexibility and more control over the AC temperature. 

Timely servicing

Most air conditioners have great flexibility in service; the company offers it themselves. Thompson Air is one such company that offers service twice a year. This will help the AC run the fixed lifespan. 


Even after buying the best air conditioner, maintenance helps determine the AC’s longevity. So now that you have an idea, we hope the above tips will help you maintain your AC.

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