Carlos Tévez’s best season in Italy

Carlos Tévez is one of the best and most colorful players of his generation. The best years of his career happened during the English championship, where he spent 7 seasons. By the way, iBet789 always covers matches from this championship. You can follow them and make profitable bets.

The last bright spot in Tévez’s European career was his performance at Juventus. He joined the Turin club in 2013. Many thought that Tévez, who was 29 years old at the time, was unlikely to help «the Old Lady» reach a new level. However, the forward had two great seasons in Italy. He scored 19 times in the opponents’ gates and helped the club to triumph in Serie A once again during the 2013/2014 campaign. By the way, it is easy to make predictions on the matches of this championship at iBet789.

The next season was even more successful for Tévez. He scored 20 times during the 2014/2015 campaign. It was largely thanks to this that Juve not only won Serie A, but also managed to reach the Champions League final.

During the 2014/2015 campaign, Tévez was the third top scorer in Serie A. He spent a great season, but he was already 31 years old. Therefore, the forward decided to return to his homeland. Despite the fact that Carlos did not last long in Juventus, he left a bright mark at the club. He is remembered and appreciated by the Turin club’s fans for that.

What helped the forward to play good in Italy?

The last couple of years in England were not so successful for the forward. He ceased to be the main star of the club’s attack. As a result, he decided to leave. However, if Man City matches are interesting to you even now, download the iBet789 app and start making predictions on the team’s matches.

Juventus didn’t have the highest expectations from the forward, but he was able to prove himself in Serie A thanks to:

  1. The help of partners. Juventus had an excellent midfield in those years. Pogba, Pirlo and Vidal regularly provided the forward with passes which he converted into accurate shots. Thanks to this, he was quite effective in Serie A.
  2. Pressure and speed. The player always worked hard and gave his 100% on the field. Thanks to this, there was never any question to him in terms of self-giving.
  3. A well-placed shot. Tévez’s shots from a variety of distances were often a problem for goalkeepers.

The transfer of the Argentine can definitely be considered a success for Juventus. Moreover, if you want to follow this team even now, download the app of iBet789 and start making predictions on every match. Fortunately for fans of the Old Lady, Tévez’s departure did not affect the team’s results in 2015. The club continued to dominate in the domestic competitions, and a couple of years later managed to reach the Champions League final, where, however lost.


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