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Kia Sportage took the place of 2022 car of the year. It is not the first time Kia is getting a car of the year. This fifth generation of Kia took the title of  “car of the year 2022″ for the second time. 

As Kia always comes up with new features and makes new generations of vehicles. The uniqueness and unstoppable willingness make Kia Sportage the car of the year. 

Kia Sportage is manufactured in South Korea. This company always invent features for cars that are distinctive. The fully electric Ev6 inspires the look of the Kia Sportage model. Also, the Kia Sportage comes up in four categories: S, SX, SX+, and GT-Line, with different price ranges. 

In Australia, the Kia Sportage is a vast selling vehicle, and most people love it because it’s way more perfect, attractive, and travel-friendly.  The attractive part of the latest model of Kia Sportage is

 the jungle wood green colour which gives a luxurious look. 

The Kia Sportage is entirely made with advanced technology and mechanical work amazingly enough. It gives you a fantastic experience of driving. 

Specialities of Car of the year 2022 “Kia Sportage.” 

Kia is One of the largest companies globally; over time, it has invented attractive models of cars. Kia’s latest model is Kia Sportage’s fifth generation, as it hands proof that Kia motors seem the most innovative company that invents advanced technology make and model of the cars. let’s talk about the specialties of The driving car of the year; Kia Sportage: 

  • Petrol & Diesel

This fifth generation of Kia has the more impressive 132kW 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol and turbo diesel engine 137kW 2.0 litre. It’s naturally drawn in Four cylinders. 

Another effective feature that 

Entry scale petrol starts from 115kW petrol four-cylinder, and it catches all attention as the most affordable powertrain.

  • Screens 

Kia motors have an 8.0-inch touchscreen that is infotainment. Apart from the 12.3- inch driver’s display screen. 

  • Uniqueness

Kia Sportage can beat any car behind if it comes to uniqueness. It always comes up with new features that are not just attractive, the quality of elements is amazing. Additionally, it has an extensive sunroof.

  • Modern Design

The large tiger-nose grille design includes a boomerang-shaped LED and LED taillights. Its daytime running lights make it more attractive—another attraction of Kia Sportage’s latest model Wagon body style.

Kia Sportage has a fastback inspired styling look full of power, performance and efficiency.

If you look at the Kia Sportage Bi-LED headlights, taillights, and Sportage SX+ LED fog lights, they are slightly dark trim, which leaves a great impression on people. 

  • Wheels & tyres

19-inch Alloy wheels with full-size spare, you can drive your car wherever you want, newly styled machined to enhance the attraction.

The car of the year Kia Sportage, has comfortable and small wheels, with tyres packages and shifter paddles. 

  • Interior tech of Kia

Kia Sportage’s new interior makes it more comfortable. Including a Dual 12.3″ curved display. The curved shaped 12.3” digital clusters with a 12.3” docutainment touch screen feature. It has all the latest connectivity tech. Technology is highly used in Kia Sportage models. 

It gives you good vibes while driving the car of the year, such as Driver-centric, intuitive controls delivery, and increases with its performance. 

Moreover, it has up to 64 colours with LED lighting to ensure the ambience is right. As per your mood, you can get the right vibes. 

Kia Sportage deserves the title of “Car of the year”; moreover, it also has 8 speakers with a Harman- Kardon sound system in premium quality.

  • Remote parking Assist

One of the conventional systems in the Kia Sportage is “Remote parking assist”. You will get the car remote, and it allows you to control wisely for parking a car. It will automatically work.

  • Smart charging

Kia Sportage also has an intelligent charging feature, so when you go for an adventure trip, you don’t have to carry your mobile charger. It’s a wireless smart charging feature.

Now you don’t even have to keep one hand to open the rear tailgate, Kia gives you a smart power tailgate, and it automatically opens perfectly even though it’s vast and spacious.

  • Temperature adjustment

Car of the year, Kia also has 3 automatic fan control adjustments from the air circulation by the dual-zone temperature control. Now you can adjust the temperature of your car to your comfort zone. Another exciting feature is Sportage SX Dual-Zone climate control.

  • Seats

Another unique feature is leather seat temperature adjustment, suede upholstery as per your preference and whether you can adjust the temperature of your car’s seats. That is called heated & ventilated. The front seats of Kia are enfolded with insectivore leather. 

  • Size

If we talk about Kia’s inside size, it’s enormous and spacious, including a cargo bay and back seats. Kia Sportage increased the measure into a 175mm longer and 85mm longer wheelbase. You can comfortably travel with family and friends. 

  • Speed

The Kia Sportage model has a six-speed automatic manual available in three grades of Sportage, including S, SX and SX+.

By the turbo-petrol, a four-cylinder drives through the seven-speed dual-clutch to each wheel-drive system of Sportage. 

  • Safety

At the blind and dark spot, Kia has a view monitor, and it displays the live footage of dark areas at wide angles. The driver reveals mirror footage as 12.3-inch digital. The intelligent speed limit assist system will assist you wherever you go on any of the roads and warn you when you reach above the maximum speed limit. It includes safety exit warning and rear cross-traffic collision Avoidance Assist.

Moreover, the remote parking Assist is one of the valuable and convenient features. Furthermore, the GT is shaped with the extra gear to stop any incidents, for example, a 360-degree wide camera and active blind spot. 

You get extra beneficial features by the grade of Kia Sportage as GT-Line has a rotary transmission selector and luxurious features such as temperature adjustment of leather-wrapped seats and a panoramic sunroof. 

These fantastic and exciting features make Kia Sportage the “car of the year.”

The last model of Kia was enhanced a lot and made remarkable changes. 

Current Pricing of Kia Sportage in Australia.

In 2022, the Kia Sportage’s price range begins from $32,445 to $52,370.

Kia Sportage is available in four options, the entry-level starts from S, then SX, SX+, and the top-level are GT-Line.

From the beginning of 2022, the price in Australia is listed on the below-given list. 

The price are listed before on-road costs:

  • Sportage S 2.0 petrol 6MT: $32,445 ($34,690 driveway)
  • Sportage S 2.0 petrol 6AT: $34,445 ($35,690 driveaway)
  • Sportage S 2.0 turbo-diesel 8AT: $39,845 ($42,690 driveway)
  • Sportage SX 2.0 petrol 6MT: $35,000 ($37,490 driveaway)
  • Sportage SX 2.0 petrol 6AT: $37,000 ($38,490 driveway)
  • Sportage SX 2.0 turbo-diesel 8AT: $42,400 ($45,490 driveaway)
  • Sportage SX+ 2.0 Petrol 6AT: $41,500 ($44,490 driveaway)
  • Sportage SX+ 1.6 turbo-petrol 7DCT: $43,500 ($46,990 driveaway)
  • Sportage SX+ 2.0 turbo-diesel 8AT: $46,900 ($49,990 driveaway)
  • Sportage GT-Line 1.6 turbo-petrol 7DCT: $49,370 ($51,990 driveaway)
  • Sportage GT-Line 2.0 turbo-diesel 8AT: $52,370 ($54,990 driveaway)

How does Kia Sportage “Car of the Year” make driving comfortable?

Specifically, if we talk about how it makes you drive comfortably, it’s beyond expectations. Kia Sportage’s driver seats give you a comfortable elevated seat in which you can sit as long as you want, and you can even effortlessly park your car with the remote assistance of Kia. 

You can drive it on any road and in rough areas. Especially in Australia, you have seen rough roads; the South Korean inventive cars Hyundai and Kia are popular and the first choice in Australia because they work superbly.

In Australia, car buyers may have three choice engines, and it is entirely up to you which variant you will select. Kia Sportage gets 2.0-litre petrol and brings out 115kW/192 Nm, and on the other hand, mid-range 1.6-litre turbo-petrol brings out 132kW/265Nm, another one is flagship turbo diesel with 137kW/416Nm. Additionally, Kia’s GT line is shaped with extra gear to stop. 

Kia Sportage is full of a package of comfortable, convenient, and travel-friendly cars. 

Final thoughts

In the whole blog, we have talked about Kia Sportage, and we have mentioned the quality and specialties of Kia. The Kia took first place to win the title of 2022 car of the year. 

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