Can Anyone Stop Steph Curry?

The NBA postseason is drawing ever closer to its dramatic finish, with the Conference Finals playing out at the time of writing. Although nothing has been decided as yet, it looks increasingly likely that the Golden State Warriors will be representing the West in the finals.

One major reason for that is the performance of Steph Curry. He has been at the pinnacle of the game for the last few years but he now looks like he will be able to lead the Dubs to their first title for four years. Even if you know nothing about how to bet on NBA games, you will have heard that Curry is one player to look out for. But will he lead the Warriors to another title?

Curry’s Honors

Steph Curry may now be 34 years old but he is still mesmerizing NBA fans and tormenting opposition players as he leads the Warriors to yet another finals. He has not made it that far since 2019, when he lost to Kawhi Leonard and the Raptors – but all eyes are back on Steph now.

The Golden State Warriors have won three titles thanks to Steph Curry – with back-to-back triumphs in 2017 and 2018. He has also picked up two NBA MVPs in his career and shows no sign of slowing down quite yet. He may not have enjoyed the best of seasons stats-wise, but he is still the go-to man for the Dubs.

How is Curry So Good?

Basketball fans have become so used to Step Curry performing miracle shots on the court that he now has to surpass his own lofty standards to stand out. His points totals are routinely off the charts and he is arguably the best shot taker the league has ever seen.

But it is his opponents’ fear that makes him one of the very best. They are so afraid of giving Curry any room – anywhere on the court – that they will do anything to stop him. That poses two problems. Curry is exhausting to guard and can make space even when there seems to be none. But he also creates space for his teammates.

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This is why the Warriors are on course to win yet another NBA Championship. Steph Curry’s points are hugely important, of course. But it is the rest of the team that makes it so hard to beat. With so much attention focused on Curry, his teammates are afforded more space to play – and it is not as if they are nobodies either.

Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Kevin Looney are just three players on the Warriors roster that could walk into any other team in the league. They are good enough anyway – but with Steph Curry beside them, they turn into world-beaters.

Can the East Resist?

Another positive for the Warriors is that the Eastern Conference, although slightly weaker in general, is still very competitive. The teams from that conference have been involved in some bruising encounters throughout the playoffs – and that will surely have an effect once the finals come around.

Boston and Miami are the two that ended up in the Eastern Conference finals but they have had to beat the 76ers and the Bucks to get to this point. The Warriors have navigated the West in a much simpler fashion and should have more time to prepare for whoever the East throws up.

Warriors for the W

Before Steph Curry left Davidson a year early to join the Warriors, Golden State had won three championships and sat seventh on the all-time NBA list. If he leads his team to glory this year, the Dubs will only rank behind league powerhouses Lakers and Celtics.

Curry’s influence on the team – and the league as a whole – is obvious. By the middle of June we will see whether he has to size up for yet another ring.

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