The buttocks lipofilling or Brazilian Butt Lift BBL sculpts the silhouette to make it attractive and sexy. This intervention models the entire body although the emphasis is on the buttock area.

  • Natural increase in buttock volume .
  • Meticulous sculpture of the body .
  • No foreign body .
  • Scars of a few millimeters almost invisible.

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What is the definition of buttock lipofilling or BBL?

Buttock lipofilling or BBL Surgery is the cosmetic surgery procedure that sculpts the entire figure to make it sexy and attractive :

  • First, the excess fatty tissue is gently aspirated to recover as many fatty cells as possible. The bust, stomach, love handles and sometimes the thighs are refined and sculpted.
  • Secondly , the fat cells are injected into the gluteal region to meticulously shape the gluteal muscles and the transitions with the hips up and thighs down.

 What are the goals of a Brazilian Butt Lift?

  • Treat buttocks that are flat or lacking in shape.
  • Treat silhouettes that are straight (H-shaped) and not feminine enough.
  • Treat excess love handles or saddlebags.
  • Harmoniously sculpt the silhouette after weight gain or pregnancy.

What are the good candidates for buttock lipofilling?

  • Patients who want to improve their buttocks.
  • Patients who do not find their body feminine enough.
  • Patients who have fatty deposits around the gluteal region.
  • Patients complexed by their silhouette.

 What are the advantages of buttock lipofilling?

  • Buttock lipofilling improves both body beauty and self-confidence .
  • A person who feels bad about himself, who finds his body “unflattering” and disharmonious will be metamorphosed by a buttock lipofilling.
  • Doctor Frédéric Picard has allowed many women to regain their joy and self-confidence after having had buttocks lipofilling.
  • The increase in buttock volume is free of foreign bodies , so there is no risk of rejection.

 What percentage of fat remains after buttock lipofilling?

  • There are many studies on fatty tissue transfer.
  • On average, these studies find that 25% of the transferred cells will not survive, which means that 75% of the volume of fatty tissue transferred remains for life.


Preoperative consultation

  • Each patient describes the result she wishes to obtain in her bust, buttocks and sometimes her thighs.
  • The areas of liposuction and injections are determined.
  • Doctor Frédéric Picard explains the preoperative steps, the intervention and the postoperative steps.

 Preoperative examinations

  • A blood test is necessary to check blood cells, hemoglobin level, liver and kidney function, serology and blood group;
  • An appointment with the anesthesiologist .


  • Hospitalization lasts 1 night.
  • Anesthesia is general except in patients who refuse general anesthesia. In this case, a single fatty area is removed and reinjected (see the chapter dedicated to  gentle liposuction ).
  • The operation lasts about 3 hours. 
  • LIPOASPIRATION: The first step consists in slowly and delicately sucking all the fatty zones predefined by liposuction to sculpt the silhouette in order to obtain a refined bust and harmonious and attractive curves.
  • PREPARATION: The second step consists in preparing the fatty cells: these are washed with physiological serum, and purified by decantation. Each jar of fatty tissue requires about 30 minutes of washing.
  • REINJECTION: The third step is to deposit the fat cells in the buttocks muscles and transition zones to bring out the shape and the desired buttocks volume. These fat cells are deposited as drops and at different depths to achieve the best fat cell survival rate.


“The improvement in the shape of the buttocks and the silhouette is immediate after lipofilling of the buttocks.”

What are the immediate post-operative consequences after buttock lipofilling?

  • Waking up takes place in the recovery room with the restraint panty in place.
  • Analgesic treatments make it possible to control the first postoperative pain: it is necessary to ask for them as soon as the painful symptoms appear.
  • It is possible to shower the next day.
  • The incisions of a few millimeters go in the shower and require sticking a bandage every morning for 10 days to avoid friction in the panty.
  • Anticoagulant treatments are necessary for 2 weeks.
  • The exit from the clinic takes place the next morning.
  • During the first days, rest at home is advisable without staying strictly in bed.
  • Return to work is possible after 7 to 10 postoperative days.
  • The gradual resumption of sport begins after 2 to 3 weeks.

 Can I sit down after a BBL?

Sitting is only allowed during the return trip and meals for the first week, then there is no more prohibited position.

 Can I sleep on my back after buttock lipofilling?

  • The first week it is necessary to avoid lying on your back .
  • For falling asleep, the prone position is recommended to allow unconstrained expansion of the buttocks volume.

 What are the possible complications of a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Buttock lipofilling is an intervention with very few complications:

  • The main risk is the risk of phlebitis and pulmonary embolism: to avoid the occurrence of venous thrombosis, it is necessary to wear compression stockings and perform injections of anticoagulants.
  • Infection: this risk is prevented by prescribing antibiotics for a week.
  • Anemia: This risk is prevented by taking iron for people who have low hemoglobin levels.

 What is the follow-up of a buttock lipofilling?

  • Each patient is reviewed that evening, the next morning, the 15 th postoperative day, the 3 rd postoperative month and 6 th
  • In the event of a particular event (pain, redness, swelling), close monitoring is carried out.
  • Lifetime follow-up is not necessary.

 When do you get the final result after buttock lipofilling?

  • The final result of lipofilling of the buttocks is obtained after 3 to 6 months .
  • The aspirated areas are the site of edema (swelling by water) which gradually resolves over 3 to 6 months.
  • The injected areas are swollen for the first 2 months and the result is final after 3 to 4 months.


  • The price of a buttock lipofilling starts from € 6,500.
  • In addition to the cost of the intervention, there are consultations with Doctor Frédéric Picard (€ 100) and the anesthetist (€ 100), the postoperative compression garment of the Embody © brand (around € 180), and postoperative treatments. (several tens of euros).


Can we do buttock lipofilling under local anesthesia?

  • Yes, by removing a single area of ​​fatty tissue at each session.
  • For example, by removing either the love handles or the belly during a lipofilling session.

 Is it possible to perform several buttocks lipofilling in a row?

  • Yes, if the fatty tissue reserves allow it.
  • When a patient wants a maximum increase in buttock volume, it is better to know this in advance to limit the number of areas taken at each lipofilling session.
  • For example, take the fat volume love handles for the first session, then the belly during the second session, then the inner thigh for the 3 rd meeting.

 Can we do other operations at the same time as buttock lipofilling?

  • It is possible to combine other interventions with buttock lipofilling depending on each patient, in particular her weight and the amount of liposuction to be performed.
  • Interventions frequently associated with lipofilling buttocks are lipofilling breasts, the breast implant , the breast lift and tummy tuck.

 Can I do buttock lipofilling if I am very thin?

  • During the consultation, Doctor Frederic Picard assesses the amount of tissue that can be transferred to each buttock.
  • If the volume is insufficient (less than 400 to 500mL of purified fat per buttock), Doctor Frederic Picard may ask you to gain 2 to 4 kilos.
  • Do not worry, in the event of required weight gain, all the excess fatty tissue will be liposuctioned.
  • If it is impossible to gain weight, it is then necessary to move towards buttock implants.

What are the other interventions to increase the volume of the buttocks?

  • Buttock implants.
  • Hyacorp injections.

 Is buttock lipofilling painful?

  • It is especially the areas of liposuction which are painful and which require analgesic treatment.
  • If the analgesic treatments are taken as prescribed by Doctor Frédéric Picard and as soon as the first painful symptoms appear, then there is very little pain after buttock lipofilling.

 Is the recovery after buttock lipofilling fast?

  • It basically depends on the personality of the patients.
  • The patients go through 2 to 5 days of fatigue and then gradually return to a normal life.
  • The difficulty is to put on panties and compression stockings every morning after the shower.
  • Sitting is not recommended for 8 days except during meals and the return trip.
  • Resumption of professional activities is possible after one week.

 What are the risks of buttock lipofilling?

  • There is very little risk.
  • The main risk is very rare: it is to have phlebitis.
  • To prevent this risk, wearing compression stockings and daily injections of anticoagulant are mandatory for 14 days.

 When can I resume sports after buttock lipofilling?

  • The return to sport is gradual and does not concern cardio sports.
  • Stretches, arm and leg strength training, brisk walking and slow jogging can be restarted after about 2 to 3 weeks.

 Are the results of buttock lipofilling permanent?

  • Once the final result is obtained, that is to say after 3 to 6 months, it is permanent , that is to say that the transferred fat cells will remain for life in the areas where they were deposited.

 What are the technical innovations of buttock lipofilling?

  • The liposuction cannulas are multi-perforated with holes of 3 and 4 millimeters in diameter to obtain a fine and fluid fat.
  • The vacuum of the vacuum cleaner is limited so as not to damage the fat cells.
  • The purification of fat cells is obtained by decantation.
  • The injections are carried out by micro cannulas to deposit the fatty tissue in the form of drops.
  • The injections are carried out in the form of a multi-layered mesh in the superficial, medium, deep and very deep planes.

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