# Best tips to follow while using Vitamin C serum for skin

Vitamin C is a popular brightening ingredient which can be used to treat many skin conditions. It has many benefits for the skin and comes in many products and formulations. Serums are one of the ways to add Vitamin C in your routine. Vitamin C is easily available in the market as most of the brands out there make one, but just investing in a good Vitamin C serum isn’t enough, knowing your Vitamin C serum is very important to get the maximum benefits out of it. One more important thing to remember about using vitamin C serum is the other ingredients mixed with it. Ferulic Acid Vitamin C serum is one the best type of vitamin C serum for you to use. Here are some tips to follow while using Vitamin C serum in your skincare routine.

  • Always do a patch test to ensure that your skin tolerates the Vitamin C serum and avoid any adverse reactions. Patch testing also allows you to ensure whether the concentration of Vitamin C you chose is right for you or not. It also minimizes your risk of irritation caused by unsuitable products. Patch test by applying Vitamin C serum on a small area that’s concealable such as the forearm. Leave the product undisturbed for 24 hours and then check for side effects.  
  • You can use your Vitamin C serum both at night and in the morning. Using it in your morning routine is especially beneficial as Vitamin C is associated with photoprotection properties. This means that your Vitamin C serum can help protect your skin from damage caused by the sun. So use it in your morning routine to enjoy the benefits of your Vitamin C serum to the fullest.
  • Ensure that you cleanse your skin first with a good face wash that’s appropriate for your skin type and then apply your Vitamin C serum to pat-dried skin. 
  • A concentration of 5% to 30% is considered safe and effective in Vitamin C serums. If you are a beginner or have sensitive skin, stick to using a lower concentration of Vitamin C such as 5%. Other skin types can tolerate higher concentrations of Vitamin C. Once you use a Vitamin C serum for a significant amount of time, your skin will get used to Vitamin C. After this you could move to higher concentrations of Vitamin C. Make sure that you increase the concentration slowly to avoid any irritation.
  • While choosing a Vitamin C serum, make sure to check the type of Vitamin C used. If you have a sensitive skin type, avoid using serums that contain L-ascorbic acid as it could lead to irritation. Try looking for serums formulated with other gentler alternatives to minimise the risk of irritation.
  • Look for a Vitamin C serum with other ingredients like Ferulic Acid and Vitamin E such as the Deconstruct Ferulic Acid Vitamin C serum with 10% Vitamin C + 0.5% Ferulic Acid. These ingredients can work well in a Vitamin C serum. Ferulic Acid and Vitamin E improve the stability of Vitamin C, as well as its action and help enhance its ability to provide protection against sun damage. Ferulic Acid Vitamin C serum can easily be used in your routine both in the morning and evening skincare routine. Just apply a few drops of the ferulic acid vitamin c serum on clean skin and allow it to absorb. You can use a moisturiser and follow up with sunscreen if it’s daytime.
  • Avoid using your Vitamin C serum with certain ingredients like Benzoyl Peroxide as this could cause the ingredients to work less effectively. Benzoyl Peroxide oxidises Vitamin C leading to a decrease in potency of the ingredients. If you wish to use these two ingredients, use them in separate routines to get best results. For example, use Vitamin C in the morning as it works more efficiently in the day-time and use the benzoyl peroxide in your night routine. Vitamin C and Retinol also don’t go too well together. Both these ingredients work properly in different environments, so avoid using retinol with your Vitamin C serum.
  • Coming to Vitamin C serum and Niacinamide, you can use these two ingredients together in your routine but it is best to use them in separate routines. Although some people suggest that using Niacinamide and Vitamin C can have benefits of their own, there’s also claims that using these two ingredients could affect the efficacy of the ingredients or may even lead to irritation for your skin. You can try using Vitamin C and Niacinamide together but make sure to start slowly. You can either look for serums with these ingredients or include them as separate products. Apply your Vitamin C serum  first as it is acidic and let it absorb completely before applying Niacinamide. try this combination if you believe that your skin will be able to tolerate it. If you want to avoid the risk of any kind of irritation, use Niacinamide and Vitamin C in different routines. You could use your Vitamin C serum in your morning routine and the Niacinamide at night to get the benefits of both the ingredients. 
  • Vitamin C is extremely sensitive to sunlight and air. Exposure to sunlight can cause the Vitamin C to become less stable and ineffective. Ensure that your Vitamin C serum is stored in a dark bottle and kept away from sunlight, in a cool and preferably dark place. This allows your Vitamin C serum to stay effective and allows you to enjoy your Vitamin C serum for longer.
  • Your Vitamin C serums should be transparent, colorless or slightly hazy in color. In case your Vitamin C serum becomes darker and appears yellow or brown in color, it’s likely that your serum has become oxidised and become less effective. Although using an oxidised Vitamin C won;t harm your skin, it won’t be as effective and won’t be able to do much for your skin. It’s best to invest in a new Vitamin C serum in such a case.
  • Use sunscreen when you use your Vitamin C serum. Not using sunscreen could hamper the effects of your Vitamin C serum for your skin. Apply sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 every day before leaving the house to protect your skin from the harmful effects of exposure to sunlight.

Vitamin C serums are a great way to add Vitamin C in your skincare routine. Using a Vitamin C serum allows you to use other ingredients and enjoy multiple skin benefits. Just make sure to keep these tips in your mind and enjoy your Vitamin C serum.

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