Best South African road trips you cannot miss out

South Africa has established a name as one of the world’s top road trip destinations because of its constantly-evolving landscapes, unspoiled coasts, eccentric tiny towns, and plenty of wide open spaces. It also continues to draw an increasing number of tourists to its excellent beaches, renowned game reserves, dramatic mountains, chic cities, ancient battlefields, great and small semi-deserts, open spaces, breathtaking adventure activities, and much more. Here are some best road trip routes to add on during South Africa tour packages

The Garden Route

The Garden Route makes for an amazing road trip route as along the road there is the beautiful Indian Ocean coast. It has a variety of chances for adventures from hikes to nature meditation and whale watching trips, to discovering caves and serene sandy beaches. The Garden Route hosts roughly a dozen environmental and marine reserves.

The Garden Route name comes from The Garden Route National Park in the area. This National park is majestic with all kinds of natural wonders. These panoramic views are created when the lush vegetation of the local forests meets the craggy cliffs and expansive coastal vistas.

The Beer Route

A brand-new Brew Route focused on the local craft beer industry has been introduced by the Beer Association of South Africa (BASA), with the goal of enticing both domestic and foreign tourists to visit the broad array of top-notch craft brewers spread around the nation.

The Brew Route, which represents the Microbreweries Association South Africa, features more than 160 top-notch breweries spread out across the nation in all nine Provinces. So, if you like beer, this is the place for you.

The Panorama Route

The Panorama Route is a collection of mostly natural sights connected to the high cliffs that separate the Lowveld of the Kruger Park and Mbombela, the provincial capital of Mpumalanga, from the highveld surrounding Sabie and Graskop (formerly Nelspruit). The Mpumalanga Escarpment, a geographical stretch of the Drakensberg that rises rapidly from the coastline to many peaks above 2km, is the region’s distinguishing feature. It is picturesque and biologically diverse. Despite the majority of the area being covered by exotic plants, there are still sizable portions of native woodland, particularly on high cliffs, as well as several sections of grassland covered with proteas and red-hot pokers.

The Wild Coast

Before setting out on fishing adventures, snorkeling, and diving excursions, visitors may enjoy the area’s famed magnificence on foot or horseback. It is a great choice for family holidays.

This coastline provides breathtaking views of the rocky coastline, sheer cliffs, protected bays, untamed beaches, and undulating hills and valleys. This is a haven for hikers. It is considered to be one of the world’s most stunning locations and the home of the Xhosa Clan. Ancient cycad and yellowwood forest ecosystems are rich in wildlife. Around 320 different bird species call this region home, and bird enthusiasts can travel in search of them.

Sun City

It is a beautiful resort area in Bushveld. There is a multitude of opportunities for visitors to relax or indulge in an adventure with safari vacations, welcoming restaurants, and thrilling sports.

This place is a well-designed refuge for travelers looking to enjoy a luxurious vacation in a peaceful setting. Sun City is located in an area with a moderate temperature and has temperate weather for most of the year. The greatest season to explore the town is during the winter since it provides travelers with a comfortable atmosphere in which to explore the lovely tourist spots. There are several activities for your enjoyment depending on the season you visit:

  1. Spring – The pleasant weather makes for great sightseeing outings and spending time at the club’s casino.
  2. Summer – You can go on safari and nature retreats to calm those anxious nerves from the summer.
  3. Autumn -During this time of the year, visitors arrange trips to explore the thrilling Valley of the Waves water park.
  4. Winter – A suitable backdrop for exploring the town’s attractiveness is provided by the tranquil mood and fewer crowds of tourists. Winter’s excellent weather makes it possible for visitors to go on game drives through wildlife preserves like Predator World. Major reserves like Madikwe Game Reserve and Pilanesberg National Park are also nearby.

Tsitsikamma National Park

The park provides activities that range from hiking to snorkeling, mountain biking to kayaking, making it a great location for both nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

For a true high, you can take the highest bungee leap in the world out from Bloukrans Bridge. Alternatively, you may slackpack across the Dolphin Trail while admiring dolphin pods playing in the Indian Ocean’s surf and breaks. As you make your way through, you could see a Southern Right Whale throughout the breeding season. Our top recommendations for things to do here are:

  • Climbing Tour

It is an exciting and perilous guided canopy path that is 30 meters above the ground and is connected to the trees by a rope.

  • Kayaking

A couple of hours spent kayaking in Storm River is quite thrilling and provides breathtaking views of the river, valley, and marine life.

  • A nature walk

 There are several wonderful trails in this national park. You’ll get breathtaking sights of the river, waterfalls, and mountains, as well as see flora and fauna on any of the trails. The otter path is the most popular of the several trails there.


South Africa is known for its outstanding tourist facilities and wide range of lodging options, from opulent game cottages and 5 hotels to welcoming country inns, small hotels, B&Bs, camping grounds, and self-catering accommodations. Due to its reputation for providing such a wide range of breathtaking vacations and experiences across the year, as well as its First World infrastructure. These make for a wonderful road trip altogether. Visit this majestic road trip destination and make your rod trip dream a reality.

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