Best Freelancer Website in America to Hire Remote Developer 

Many organizations, other than technology-based companies, are always ready to offer freelancer jobs to candidates with the right experience and qualifications. Hiring a developer for your business is especially valuable when you are improving the functionality of your website or trying to develop a customized app. If you are looking for flexible developer positions, especially freelance work, you will find jobs critical to the everyday functioning of any company.

Freelance job boards and marketplaces help software developers, programmers, designers, financial experts, recruiters, and freelance writers find new freelance jobs from small businesses to large companies. They are the best place to find potential clients who want to hire freelancers. With increasing distance work, these websites offer opportunities at all skill levels, from beginners to top talent.

The best freelance websites offer freelancers the opportunity to obtain additional work from clients with a wide range of qualifications and specialisms. Whether you are a full-time freelancer, want to earn a little extra money on the side, or are looking for a freelancer to help you work for you or your company, we have put together the best freelance websites for you. There are several different factors that may make a platform best for hiring remote developers.

Top 30 Freelancer website to hire a Remote Developer 

This list of the best freelance websites can help you find a full-time long-distance job and build an additional source of income where you can earn money to complement your main job. Weave it based on the type of freelancer you are, and where you can find the free site you need for your desired field. 


Hiring a remote developer to design your business website should not be a problem when using a freelancer platform. The best-known freelance platform for the best remote developers is Fiverr.

The platform is known for its huge library of software and web development jobs for employees. Chances are you already know Fiverr when you hire remote developers for various jobs.


Another best option to hire developers and designers for your business is Codersera. This platform has made its way to the list as one of the best freelancer platforms because of its remarkable reputation. Codersera offers top freelancers as per requirements. The most exciting part about working with them is that they offer a free 1-week trial where any business can get the opportunity to work with their freelancers at no cost. 

Apart from that, they have a premium facility in delivering work which is as per the requirements of the clients. Since they are essentially providing cost-effective services, It creates a valuable impact on their clients which can be witnessed through their testimonials.


Freelancers are not only good, but you can find a large number of gigs in every area. Toptal helps companies find the world’s top-tier 3 freelancers. These freelancers are developers, designers, financial experts, project managers, and product managers.

Toptal has a unique network setup that checks the applications of freelancers according to their customer-specific business intelligence. Toptal only allows the top 3% of freelance developers to apply for every job you advertise.

Customers receive a list of top candidates based on their preferences and can select their favorites to see if the developer is the right one.


Hired is a platform that helps employers to find web developers and frontend developers. Users can start by creating a company profile search for candidates to fill out their development team. Hired provides features through Hireds Search Algorithm which can also help users to eliminate gender and race identifiers for fairer hiring. After this, they can request interviews with candidates, and review project requirements. With Hired, employers can also use their pipeline to hire web developers to work on their development process. 

 GitHub Jobs

GitHub is one of the most prominent open-source online repositories for programmers, websites, and development services. GitHub has one of the largest developer communities that lets you hire front-end, backend, and full-stack developers. For a small fee, you can post job ads and gain access to the GitHub community. Stack Overflow is another developer site on GitHub.

 Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is used as a resource for programmers, technicians, and web developers who are looking for answers to technical questions. This is one of the largest and most trusted websites for developers, a spectacular site for finding qualified web developers. Programmers of different skill levels provide answers to pressing programming questions in any programming language.


If you like the idea of finding, interviewing, and managing freelance web developers, the Upwork marketplace may provide a suitable solution. It connects you with qualified teams of front-end developers for a variety of technology projects. You can hire contractors for a few simple programming tasks or enter into a long-term relationship with a number of more complex projects.


Gigster is able to bring you together with a development team in less time than a typical recruitment agency. Gigster establishes the customer’s product manager as a link between the customer and its web developers. This makes project management much easier for inexperienced managers.

People Per Hour

People After Hours is a free marketplace comparable to Upwork. With People After Hours, you can connect with local freelancers, so you’re not limited to remote talents. The simple job posting, contact with freelancers, and hourly pay for work make it an excellent choice for employers interested in identifying and selecting freelance candidates, whether full-time or part-time, contract or web design. 


DICE is another great platform for searching for a freelancer of choice. It handles millions of employee profiles across the united states. This platform helps technology professionals manage their careers, and employers connect with the most skilled technology talent in the country. They provide insights, data, and career opportunities for these professionals and place the latest tools in the hands of recruiters and employers looking for technological talent.

Angular Jobs

Angular.js is an open-source framework that is based on JavaScript. It is popular because it simplifies the development and testing of web applications. Angular Jobs is an advertisement related to Angular.js. Framework maintained by Google. 

If you want to hire a frontend web developer or designer, you can gain experience with AngularJS. Angular Jobs is the best site to find a web developer if you have the time to test candidates yourself.

RemoteOK was founded in 2015 as one of the leading Remote Job platforms that host a range of professional and experienced developers from around the world. Microsoft, Starbucks, Stripe, Amazon, and others have put their trust in RemoteOK for web developers. CSS developers, Java specialists, front-end programmers, and back-end developers will find on RemoteOK the setting of web developers for convenient tasks.


Gurus is a flexible and cost-effective platform that enables people to hire freelancers for programming, development, writing, translation, design, art, sales, marketing, and more. This platform connects employers from around the world with freelance professionals of their requirements. These professionals range in different skills such as software developers, product managers, designers, financial experts, and project managers. 


Android Development is the most popular search category for freelancers, and you will be able to access their pool of Android freelancer profiles, judge and interview candidates and manage the payment yourself. Freelancer Marketplace has the largest number of registered users posting jobs from anywhere. If you are looking for an affordable option for a freelancer, this is a solution worth exploring. 

Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is a job portal for top web designers and creative talents that is available on the web. Front-end web development requires creative and technical skills, so use authentic jobs to start your search for front-end web development. Authentic jobs have grown in popularity since their inception as a portal used as part of the New York Times acquisition process.


Like Toptal and Gunio, the X-Team takes on the difficult task of hiring, but you won’t be burdened with flipping through resumes and preparing personalized interview scripts. Instead, they will put you in touch with qualified front-end developers and receive mentoring and education resources as part of the team.

Envato Studio

Envato Studio is a large platform that is mainly focused on providing web designs and effective WordPress themes, with tons of valuable assets available. Most web developers sell their work on Envato, making it seem like a shopping district for digital assets.

Apart from that Envato’s studios have their own set of freelancing employees that are available for hire. You can hire professional designers, developers, and creatives. Envato’s web developers can sell their services at variable prices.

Hubstaff Talent

You want to hire freelance web developers with whom you can work continuously, Hubstaff Talent is a good choice. They believe in offering freelance web developers from all over the world. If you are based in the US and work comfortably in India, you will find something here. Unlike most other free platforms, their web developers do not have to bid for projects.

Simply Hired

Simply Hired is a platform that majorly works as a search engine in 24 countries and delivers 12 languages. It is only for web developers, so you can post an entry on the site and wait for applications to arrive. Simply Hired has useful resources such as salary recommendations and hiring aids to help employers and freelancers alike. You can also find web developers for specific projects and hire them for the long term. Simply Hired is an employer-a-remote solution for talent. It offers freelancers who can bind and support companies for their projects.


Upstack is always on the lookout for the best freelance talent that its developers draw from around the world. When you hire a freelance web developer, contact one of the UpStacks Account Managers where you can discuss your project and expectations. They connect you with someone who fits your description, and you can start risk-free. UpStack gives you a free 14-day trial, and if you are satisfied with the results, you can subscribe to the UpStack plan.

Borderless Mind

If you are open to hiring web developers, then Borderless Mind is the best platform. You will find web developers and technology experts in India and abroad. It has a rigorous screening and verification process that gives access to the web developers who boast the latest frameworks, technologies, software development languages, experience, and skills. 


LinkedIn is a social-based platform that mainly connects people. Aside from that, it has a certain feature that allows individuals from various industries to take part in job exchange. It’s a great online platform to connect with people in your industry, exchange updates, post new jobs, look for suitable candidates, and stay in touch with your colleagues. Most LinkedIn users have created a comprehensive profile highlighting their work, skills, academic accolades, and more.


TopCoder is a global platform focused on designers and developers. In the beginning, it was a platform where programmers wanted to build algorithms. Now after so many years, it has evolved into a community that is spread globally and takes pride in talented people who are developing amazing digital solutions while being a part of Topcoder. To find and hire a web developer, people can publish their project on TopCoder and make it available to their developers.

They will initially receive solutions from all over the world on how they can implement their project. Once they have done that, they can start a conversation and build a relationship to get started. After some time, they can engage with people for a long time work.


Freelancers on Workana create their profiles to highlight their expertise and experience and assess their skills, so you get a good idea of what you should be working on. At the beginning of a project, you might be asked to give full payment for the project. But you don’t need to worry because Workana holds the payment in trust until you are satisfied with the result. 


The world respected professional brand is part of Krop. Krop is an intuitive search engine that allows you to find tech professionals working full-time or part-time freelance. This platform offers individuals a portfolio-building tool that they can use as creative developers to create profiles, present their skills, work experience, projects, and more.

The platform also gives access to vast stores of over 100,000 CVs and portfolios that any individual can browse through in order to find the right candidate of their choice. 


FlexJobs offers freelancers for all kinds of projects under the sun. It promotes unique talent for individuals, professionals, and organizations looking for permanent team members. To hire a web developer, you can first advertise a job on the platform and provide details such as the timeline, skills, and needs.

After you have hired a freelance web developer at FlexJobs, you can start conducting interviews for freelancers. Choose the ones that you think are sufficient for your working needs.


Nexxt is a set of customizable solutions for a range of businesses, small and medium enterprises, and agencies. We have worked with some of the top labels in the world including FedEx, Home Depot, Merck, Target, and others. Nexxt has over 8.5 million members and a long range of 27 million resumes, making it easy for individuals to find great freelance web developers with one of the most effective platforms. 


Coroflot is another great job board, and it’s a great resource for developers and designers to use. The difference is that Coroflot has a number of connections between freelancers and the clients themselves. When it comes to time and cost, it is easy to find vacancies with the required amount of time by sorting the posts yourself. 


Gunio is one of the other freelance websites that have a presence because they recruit companies that hire freelancers and promote remote developers to appear on the site. Gunio is a fast-growing platform for freelancers that selects available freelancers based on technical assessments, recommendations from former colleagues, and thorough screenings to ensure users get the best possible candidate pool. It is cheaper than hiring a developer for a short-term project in-house.

Scalable Paths

Scalable Paths is a technical recruitment agency for thousands of freelance software developers and designers from 138 countries. Employers can recruit for specific projects by choosing from a vast environment of more than 50 million freelancers with 1,800 different skills. Although it can be a bit pricey in recommending the right candidates, yet if any individual or a business has a particular job in mind that can be done with the help of employees of this platform. Then, they can check their options on scalable paths.


In this article, we have given our opinion on some of the best websites to find freelance developers and programmers so every individual has a chance to optimize their search and find the right candidate. Finding freelance developers can be a very effective option if individuals plan to choose the right one. Therefore to help several individuals and businesses in the process, we came up with this small help to ease your searching process. With this compiled list of the best freelance websites, we hope to help you improve your freelance opportunities and look forward to making your business more successful.

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