Benefits Of Physical Activity For Kids:

Regular physical activity helps develop your child’s fundamental movement skills. It’s good for better habits. Physical activity can help to build strong bones, muscles, and good health.

Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your body. It improves your heart and lung system, that’s why you feel more energetic. children to adults everyone should be physically active. Children and adolescents ages 6 through 17 years should do 60 minutes. Adults can take care of themselves, but kids can’t take care of themselves.

  1. Types of activity: 

Which kind of physical activity is good for kids? Kids activity most of it should be aerobic. Most of us don’t know what is aerobic activity. As an example, we can say running, dancing, cycling, walking, and swimming this kind of activity called aerobic. There are many other types.

  1. Why exercise is so important:

Exercise reduces many health conditions. Heart disease, low blood pressure, stroke, and many more. Such as walking, help decrease the risk of osteoporosis. It’s also good for sleep. 

  1. Health coach:

When we talk about physical activity, a name automatically comes to our mind is a health coach. A health coach is someone who is a personal cheerleader of our health. Who improve our physical health. Kids don’t need health coaches For adults, health coaches are so important, they guide us in the right ways. Tony Horton, Ines De Ramon, Felicia Soria, Billy blanks, Marie Ellen Bowers are famous Fitness instructors and health coaches.

  1. Some activities that are good for kids:

Playing is so important for younger children. Children can’t do activities like adults. Their activity should be fun and enjoyable. Here are some exciting activities that can be good for your kids.

  • Dancing and singing:

Dancing bolsters mental and physical health. Exercise naturally reduces stress, and dancing is an exercise. Our body releases endorphins when we are dancing. It also improves our quality of sleep. Kids are enjoying to dance. So dancing is the best activity idea for kids. Dancing can Encourages Creativity. As well as increasing balance and flexibility. It reduces the risks of developing health problems. Many people don’t know but it also helps to learn math and science. child’s excess energy is reduced by dancing. Many children perform really well. That can be also good for their future carrier. Some famous child dancers’ names are.

  •  Ditya Bhande- She is an Indian dancer and actress, she is 13 years old. She is the winner of the kid’s dance reality show, supper dancer season 1.
  • Avielle Janelle Hernandez- She is a famous American footballer late Aaron Hernandez,s daughter. Avielle Janelle Hernandez, who has a great passion for dancing. performed in many stages. She is only 8years old.
  • Sand:     

Sand play is a very good option for children, it can improve their self-development, confidence. this kind of activity teaches children how things work step by step. It can also help in building muscles.

  • Play daugh:

Play daugh has potential learning. It teaches creativity, strengthens fingers, develops writing skills, and also hand-eye coordination.

  • Running, Jumping:

Running and jumping good for both adults and children. Children love to do jumping and running. Allow them to do so. Increase their confidence. That helps them to develop.

  • Nature Play:

Nature gives us a positive vibe. Nature play is very healthy. It teaches respect for the enviornment. playing in nature outdoor is good for children’s skin and eyes also.

  1. Conclusion:

Being physically active is always good for everyone. Playing is healthy for brain development. It also teaches students to time management. Playing allows developing their imagination. Make them more creative. Give them physical strength that is what we all humans need.

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