Beginner Guide on Building Darks Souls 3 Quality Build

One of the best things about Dark Souls 3 is that various builds can be tried. A lot of players try out with different strengths, builds and magic builds. This article will serve as a guide on how to establish a quality build in this game.

In order to achieve this build, you will have to get the relevant weapons, gear and rings. Quality build is essentially when the player has at least 40 dexterity and 27 strength.

Following is all that you need to know about Dark Souls 3 quality build.

Choose knight class

Beginning with the character, you should make sure knight class is selected. This will already give you a head start. This is because you may already have greater number of points. They have 7 Luck. This means that you will have more than what is required.

Knight class is the best when it comes to quality build. This is majorly due to the fact that it has better dexterity and strength. However, Pyro Class can be chosen as well.

End-game statistics

If you want to have quality build, then it is important to have Vigor at least 31. Endurance should be at 25, attunement should be at 14 and vitality should be at 15. All the points must be focused on strength to level it at 35. In this build, luck and intelligence are not that important.

Attunement can be important since then the player will get two slots for spells. However, it is not necessary that you strictly comply with these statistics. It just compliments most of the playing style.


For this build, three main weapons are required. This includes Pontiff Knight Curved Sword, refined Uchigatana and Astora greatsword. A lot of versatility will be offered by this set of weapons. Each weapon has different sets of moves and distinct attacking speed.

You should also note that in order to upgrade weapons, you will need ember. Thus, you should know how to farm ember. Once you upgrade the weapons, it will enable you to deal a lot of damage.

Armor set

When it comes to armor, you can choose any armor set that you wish to. However, one thing is of primary importance – keep the weight below the 70% limit. This is to ensure that you are not overweight. This allows the player to be more agile, roll faster and move in a faster manner.

Drang Armor, Thrall Hood, Alva Leggings and Drang Gauntlets can be used. This set has good resistance while maintaining low weight. It will enable you to fight different kinds of enemies and reduce the damage. Try to stick on this set, otherwise, other sets will increase the weight which can be detrimental during the game.

The bottom line

Having a good build in the game is not an easy task. You only get to know about such builds with the passage of time.  Thus, you can rely on the build above for better performance.

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