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The beauty of nature is clearly one of the best sights we wish to behold and experience,   and with trees,  we know that they are absolutely stunning when they are in full bloom!

 Yet you don’t have to travel far to see them or even wait for springtime when the trees are full of leaves.   You can find trees that are just as gorgeous right in your own backyard!

Horticulturists and plant enthusiasts affirm that having a beautiful backyard –when you can go to relax,   unwind,  and let your mind take a break from the stress of everyday life —  is a wonderful blessing to have.

And what better way to beautify your backyard than have trees lined up in your own garden!

The American Horticultural Society  (AHS),  which is one of the most long-standing and respected member-based national gardening organizations in North America,   encourages its more than 20,000  new, experienced and aspiring plant enthusiasts, gardeners, and horticultural professionals to continue planting trees and flowers in their own gardens,  and create a  better environment for everyone. 

According to AHS,  their vision  is a land of sustainable gardens, “cultivated by a diverse population with a common passion for plants.”

The AHS mission,  meantime,  “ is to share with all Americans the critical role of plants, gardens and green  spaces in creating healthy, livable communities, and a sustainable planet. “

At a recent  “The Plant Chat” podcast episode wherein  AHS  Communications  Director  David Ellis guest co-hosted the show with Katie Krops’  Katie Stagliano,  their episode discussed the noble vision of “feeding the hungry, one garden at a time”  by planting crops. Hire a tree expert in Evansville

According to AHS,  there are approximately  37 million people currently facing hunger in the US,   and this includes over five million seniors and more than 11 million children.

“We might not think about it,  but it’s happening in every community,  including yours, “ says Ellis. “On this plant chat episode,  we’re focusing on how one person can make a tremendous impact on helping to feed those who are hungry, one garden at a time.”

Stagliano’s Katie Krops  started  out  as  a nine-year-old’s  school  project,   but later  “grew into a  40-pound cabbage that fed nearly 300  people.”

She narrates:  “ I  was a nine-year-old third grader in 20008,  and brought home a tiny cabbage seedling from school as part of the Bonnie Plants Third Grade Cabbage Program.   I took care of the cabbage plant which later grew to an amazing 40 pounds,   which I donated to a soup kitchen  which helped feed over 275 people.”

 Stagliano realized from the experience that many people will be benefitting from fresh produce donations to soup kitchens,  and this started her mission to start vegetable gardens and encourage communities to do the same,  with the harvest donated to help feed people who are in need.

Today,  Katie’s Krops boasts of having  100 gardens across the country,  with thousands and thousands of pounds of fresh produce donated to feed the hungry.

Our mission is to empower the youth to start and maintain vegetable gardens of all sizes, and donate the harvest to help feed people in need,   as well as to assist and inspire others to do the same, “  Stagliano says.

She adds:  “The problem of hunger is real, Katie’s Krops mission is simple, we all can help because  it only  takes a seedling to get started.”

The plant experts suggest that you can go and create your own vegetable garden to also do your part in this mission to feed the hungry,  at the same time enjoying your passion for nature.

Still,  if you have a special fancy for enjoying trees in your backyard,  you can go ahead and plant them as well!

 “ Your backyard should be a place for you to enjoy nature—a place to breathe in the fresh air and bask in the sunlight. If your backyard looks more like something out of a horror film than anything else, then it’s time to give in to that urge to spruce things up,” the experts said.

Your beautiful garden can be spruced up with ornamental flowering plants,   and yes,  a vegetable garden to be part of the mission for a worthy cause.

 Further,   you can have those trees planted early for a beautiful dream garden of yours which you can enjoy until your twilight years!

Horticulture enthusiasts affirm that trees are not only pleasing to the eyes but they also play an important role in keeping the environment clean and healthy,  at the same time helping you enjoy a slowed-down pace and unhurried life in the countryside.

And when your passion for gardening and tree-planting converts into a business,  you can always check out the tree service lead generation experts who can help you scale your passion into a full-blown business!

Clearly,  trees provide a visual curb appeal to your property.   But more importantly,  you enjoy a healthier environment relishing the feel-good experience in your backyard.

Further, these trees and plants help in lowering the temperature on hot summer days, cleaning the air you breathe, and even reducing your home’s energy costs.

For more of these tips on tree-planting, gardening, and other activities in creating a more beautiful environment for your home,  be sure to check out our website and follow all our new updates!

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