Basic tips to help you win more often in firefights in Rainbow Six Siege

R6 is a session shooter about the confrontation between police and terrorists on maps with a high degree of destructibility and the dynamics of battles using agents and various equipment for reconnaissance and damage to complete tasks to defuse a bomb, or extract hostages, or repel this attack. Before beginning any renovation or demolition work on older buildings within the game, it’s crucial to conduct an asbestos survey to ensure the safety of all agents involved in the operation.

To start mastering the ranked mode, which will allow you to receive r6 boosting and increase your rank to play with more serious allies and opponents, you need to play ranked matches, which are presented only in the bomb defusing format.


This is the main feature and distinctive feature of Rainbow Six Siege – you can literally make any path for yourself on the game map, simply destroying everything that gets in your way using weapons, grenades, shotguns, or special tools like a sledgehammer.

This format adds additional dynamics to any match because it adds a lot of attack directions and a lot of things to consider when playing defense.

Some of the passages and walls can be strengthened, but the resource is quite limited and terrorists need to carefully consider their points of defense in order to thwart the plans of special forces to storm the building.

Special forces, in turn, need the skills of agents to break into such zones if you want to go exactly this way, and not come up with new options.


Each character you choose will have its own unique tools and types of weapons that can be used for battles or reconnaissance in the territory.

By choosing your agent from different organizations and special forces depending on the side, you will receive a fixed weapon and set of tools that you need to consider for your rank boost in Rainbow Six Siege.


In order to plan your attack, or the balance of forces for defense, you need to collect intelligence data that will help you better understand the situation.

Most agents have the ability to launch air or ground drones that will help gather detailed information about enemy defenses and attack points, and when the exploration phase is completed, the match and the active assault phase will begin.

Drones can also be used during a mission, but they can already be destroyed by opponents or bombs that will be installed at the right height with the correct direction of the detonator rays.


The defense team will have the opportunity to install special metal frames during the preparation phase. There will be 10 of them, so the squad must agree and think about which areas you want to strengthen – these could be floors, roofs, or walls.

Enemy agents will not be able to penetrate such zones with simple weapons and they will need full-fledged tools – sledgehammers, explosives – to penetrate such points, and they will not be able to do this unnoticed.

This approach adds variability to both sides, allowing you to think through new, non-standard tactics for defense and attack, and those who are more cunning and technical are more likely to be able to receive a boost in Rainbow Six Siege.


Each agent has his own unique weapon, depending on the country he is associated with.

So a representative of the French special forces GIGN will use FAMAS, and the USA will use M4, Austria AUG, and so on.

Terrorists will similarly use their weapons like AKs.

Regardless of side and affiliation, all classes will have improved sights, suppressors and other professional tools that help both sides aim, stabilize the spread of ammunition and help hide attack sites.


This technique works best for terrorists who need to repel a special forces attack and prevent them from defusing a bomb with a diffuser, but operatives can also mine approaches to prevent surviving terrorists from reaching the demining zone.

Bombs are installed on the principle of a directed laser, upon contact with which an explosion will occur.

The agent’s task is to install them so that they are not visible to enemies, otherwise the enemies will simply bypass or destroy them.

The most cunning miners install two explosives – obvious and secret, and when the enemy sees the first, he runs into the second and thereby dies himself, or with part of his team.


Since Rainbow Six is ​​a dynamic shooter with high mobility, the shooting tips will differ even from CS GO, where the ballistics of bullet flight is similar, but the dynamics and mechanics of agent control are completely different.

Shooting from cover

You don’t need to risk your life and stand at full height in any part of the building, because the game has a format for peeking out of cover using standard keys “q” and “e”. You just need to go to the edge of the cover and look out from behind it. This will help reduce the likelihood of you being hit due to the small part of the body and head that the enemy will see, but you will also see the enemy similarly in most situations, so you just need to get used to it.

Shoot one round at a time

If the enemy is behind cover, then it is most effective, taking into account the economy of ammunition and accuracy, to use one shot at a time. It will allow you to add accuracy and increase the chance of a fatal hit, but you shouldn’t hesitate either, because you lose in combat power and the enemy gets more options to suppress you with fire. If you miss with two or three rounds, switch to the three-round format, and then to the automatic format, if necessary.

Shooting three rounds

This is fairly accurate and fire suppressive shooting that requires control and accuracy to fire exactly three or four rounds at a time. This number of bullets was not chosen by chance – because it is in this format that the accuracy of the cartridges is preserved and your sight does not go up. In addition, if you aim at an enemy, then at least one bullet will hit him and cause good damage, and if two or three bullets hit, the damage will be fatal, regardless of armor and equipment.

Automatic fire

This is a favorite format for shooting for beginners who have not yet mastered the main and effective methods of combat.

The downside to automatic fire is that you simply cannot control your accuracy, and most rounds will simply fly away in different directions without reaching your targets.

This does not mean that it should not be used, because suppression by fire has not been canceled, but it should be used only as a last resort, when the enemy is at close range from you and at the same time he does not have any shelter. The most effective type of shooting remains three or four rounds, and you will quickly get used to controlling this process.


Each side will have their own special tactics that can be used to increase the chances of winning the round and gradually in matches that will help you get a cheap boost in Rainbow Six Siege.


Special forces must remember that in any round, one of the operatives can burst through the roof and thereby create complete chaos and another direction to fire to prevent the terrorists from repelling the attack.

Terrorists, of course, can barricade the roof, but there are not enough resources for everything and this is not always effective, so the mechanics of storming through the roof must be used.


You don’t always need to go through obvious doors, but rather break down the walls around them. Firstly, it increases the likelihood of ignoring explosives, and secondly, it helps to surprise the enemy, who simply does not have enough funds to strengthen all the places for a potential assault.

Explosive locations

To a greater extent, it is more profitable to mine not the approaches to the battle zone and the location of the bomb, but directly the bomb itself, so that the player is tempted to run faster and install a diffuser and thereby run into explosives and die and even possibly lose the round.

Assault and defend in groups

Few players can effectively repel an attack, or break through fortified positions alone. To increase efficiency, you need to attack together, or better yet, three.

The played squad can attack the fortification simultaneously, or from several sides, in order to quickly suppress opponents and not give them even a chance to destroy most of the squad, or at least one operative.

For terrorists, strengthening points with several agents allows them to more effectively repel an assault and destroy several enemies at once, helping each other.

Both teams must competently and always distribute the forces of their teams in different ways in order to attack more effectively, or defend in order to constantly think through new tactics and ideas, because not only the effective and accurate team wins, but also the cunning team that is not afraid to try new methods.

Conclusions on tips for beginners in Rainbow Six Siege

R6 is a shooter with high destructibility and active gameplay, which you need to use when selecting your agents and creating a game plan in order to constantly increase your boost rank in Rainbow Six Siege.

You must understand that you can destroy almost anything on the game map. This can be done using a powerful weapon like a shotgun, or special tools like a sledgehammer.

Defenders can fortify positions to force special forces to use special weapons, spend time doing so, and mark their positions.

You must master all shooting skills as quickly as possible and learn to use, alternate and understand where and when it is best to use them.

Choose a single type when you need accuracy, three rounds when you need to shoot for destruction, and an automatic type when you need to survive without sparing ammo.

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