Article Marketing and Its Benefits For Your Business

To the core, article marketing refers to writing and using articles about some topic in an order to act as a marketing tool.

As a business owner or seller of a product/service, you write articles that are relevant to your industry and you provide useful information that your customers would benefit from. This can be helpful in benefiting businesses both online and offline. That is correct; we are not just speaking about online marketing here.

For instance, If you work in an offline business, you may use article marketing. The internet simply offers a different form of distribution – it does not change the fundamentals behind the idea.

The whole idea of article marketing is to create credibility and trust between you and your customers. You offer them free, useful information that is relevant to them and you look like a hero. They respect you for it.

Because an article provides useful information to your reader, they are more likely to read it than to look at a simple advertisement. While working in this field this is possible that you may get an option to show yourself or your product/service in a way they would otherwise not experience.

Similarly, if you work in an online business, you can post the articles through blogs or article directories, or a monthly newsletter. Other sites pick these up because of the information in the article (the benefit to them) and happily allow you to display your contact information at the bottom of the article (the benefit to you).

There is another critical element in article marketing, you may use other people’s work and paraphrase it to make the new and unique articles, and there are a lot of tools online available to perform the paraphrasing for you and help you save your time. One such paraphrasing tool can be accessed by visiting the website.

So basically, if you are working in an offline business, you can submit your articles to community newspapers or trade magazines – again displaying your information on the bottom. You can also use your articles as a monthly newsletter you mail out to your clients. Well again, they will probably read it because it offers them a certain value. This will also keep your product or services right in front of them every month.

The articles you use don’t have to be great novels or anything like that and you don’t have to be an expert writer to create an article. The fact is that you are in the business you are in because you know something about that industry or provide a service that people need. So already have a lot of information you can share. Provide tips and hints on how to efficiently use a product, share experiences, or give advice as it pertains to your industry. Write it down and get it out there.

Finally, your customers will thank you for all this – and most probably with more sales and orders.

Adrianna Tori

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