Are You a Tea Lover? – Know Everything Amusing About Bubble Tea Recipes

Are you a proud tea drinker? Then, you might know multiple new recipes for making teas. But do you know what bubble tea is? If you haven’t tried it yet, we are sorry to tell you that you have missed out on an alluring facet of tea drinking. So don’t wait anymore, and start with knowing that bubble tea is a preparation of a cold and foamy drink made with tea, milk, sweeteners, flavors, and other ingredients. It’s also known as boba milk tea. However, before you start dreaming about enjoying sips from an elongated glass, let us tell you everything you might need to know about it as a tea lover.

What Goes in Boba Tea?

Essentially, this is a kind of tea by nature. Hence, indeed, you need to add tea to make the base. You can use gourmet loose-leaf teas if you want. Afterward, it’s time to add the creamy component. Add milk. If you are a vegan, you can replace it with almond milk, soya milk, and other alternatives.

Pour all these ingredients into a shaker and give it an excellent shake. It will make your tea nice and frothy with bubbles on the top. Otherwise, how would you call it bubble tea, right? Add big scoops of tapioca pearls with each drink since these are the main magical element of this drink.

Besides, you can try out different variations of this drink as well. Chocolate, strawberry, coffee – what more do you want? If you want to know how to make mango bubble tea, visit Pearl Lemon Boba and learn about boba tea recipes.

Some Tips to Enjoy Your Boba Tea Fullest 

  • Try a small and experimental sip at first. Take the bubbles in your mouth and enjoy the tang, as every single ounce of it is worth enjoying.
  • Instead of trying simplistic recipes, try more flavorful and exotic ones. Indeed, you will like Mango lychee and strawberry flavors more than others. Hence, be prepared with knowledge of these recipes.
  • Bubble tea tastes delightful only when it’s served chilled. Therefore, keep it in your freezer until it reaches the temperature to please your tongue and soul.  

Wrapping Up  

Bubble tea is originally from Asia. It originated in Taiwan during the 1980s. As this drink contains bubbles at the top and pearls at its bottom, it received its name. Currently, it’s unimaginably popular in Asian countries and surging in popularity across the globe. Hence, today, if you want to drink a boba tea sitting somewhere in the United States, you will find plenty of recipes readily available online. Besides, several online websites are also offering it to their customers. Therefore, irrespective of how you want your cup of bubble tea, you will have your mouth sweetened at the end of the day! So what’s more? Happy tea drinking!

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