Are CBD Bath Bombs Worth the Hype?

CBD products have taken the beauty and health industry by storm owing to their anti-inflammatory and calming effects. Out of all CBD products, its bath bombs are particularly useful in relieving pain in an utmost fun and relaxing way.

CBD Bath Bombs are small balls made of cannabidiol mixed with essential oils and fragrance. They are put in hot or normal water bathtubs to provide beneficial stress-relieving effects. They work like a charm using principles of aromatherapy and the therapeutic properties of cannabidiol. 

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Keep reading to know what makes these bath bombs stand out:

Why CBD Bath Bombs?

CBD and bath bombs are a match made in heaven. Both are used to pacify your mind, and when combined, they complement each other in providing pain, enhanced mental relaxation, and more. 

They come in a variety of flavors that you can choose from. is a reliable online platform to buy these bath bombs in your desired flavor.


Most bath bombs are made up of natural ingredients like essential oils. Cannabidiol is also a naturally occurring substance extracted from the cannabis plant. These vegan and cruelty-free CBD-infused bath bombs do not cause any harm to your skin.

These bath bombs are easy and safe to use and are unlikely to cause any allergic or inflammatory reaction to your skin. Organic bath bombs with cannabidiols are also cost-effective and are easily available on the market for 30$. 

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The formation of bath bombs is so easy that you can try making them home. Bath bombs infused with CBD can also be made at home. Mix 0.3g of CBD with one cup of baking soda, half cup of citric acid, half cup of Epsom salt to 2 to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, and put the mixture in the bath bomb mold. Wait for some time, and your bath bomb infused with cannabinoid is ready to rock. You can also change the concentration of CBD in it as per your preference and desired outcomes. 

Provide Hydration

CBD bath bombs are mixed with moisturizing ingredients like essential oils and carrier oils that keep the skin hydrated. Cannabidiol itself is highly effective in rejuvenating the skin and maintaining its elasticity. After a certain age, the skin cells lose their water content and become less elastic, losing their shape and eventually causing wrinkles. CBD keeps the skin hydrated and prevents the early onset of wrinkles; hence, its frequent baths can give anti-aging effects. 

Induce Relaxation

A well-known and research-backed effect of CBD is that it causes relaxation. It causes relief in many mental disorders, specifically depression and anxiety. A 30-minute hot bath in a CBD bath bomb is all you need to take your weekly stress away. 

Healthy Detox

You need to let go of all the negative feelings, thoughts, and emotions if you want a de-cluttered mind. CBD bath bombs will help you achieve a healthy mind and body detox with their detoxifying ingredients. A plethora of bath bombs have ingredients like Epsom salt, Activated Charcoal, and Bentonite Clay that speed up the detoxification process. 

Improve Sleep

The efficacy of a CBD bath bomb can be determined by the fact that it can put you to sleep in the middle of the bath. They are highly effective in people with insomnia and sleep disorders because the aroma released from essential oils and CBD present in them collectively work to soothe your central nervous system. 

Relieve Pain and Soreness

As a physical therapeutic effect, CBD bath bombs also alleviate local swelling or pain. It strengthens the local blood vessels, which heal the bruises and soreness. They are also responsible for the local anti-inflammatory response that reduces the pain. 

Given all the benefits of CBD discussed above, you may say that they are worth the hype as they provide miraculous results with minimal risk and side effects. The side effects such bath bombs can cause are limited to minor topical allergic reactions and erythema only. They are relatively safer compared to other cannabidiol products like capsules, tablets, tinctures, and soft gels. 

If you are convinced of the promising therapeutic effects of CBD bath bombs, let’s see how to use them correctly:

How to Use CBD Bath Bombs

CBD bath bombs are insanely easy to use. All you need to do is spare some time for a home spa day, as it takes around 30-minutes for a satisfying and relaxing bath. Here are some golden tips to get the most out of CBD bath therapy:

  1. Set the Atmosphere

The first step to having a refreshing CBD bath is setting the atmosphere. Make sure the place is clutter-free with aesthetically pleasing things around it. You can add some plants and greenery to your bathroom for visual tranquility. Alter the lighting of the place in a way that it’s warmer and dim, inducing calmness. 

  1. Use the Right Equipment

Use professional and dedicated tools to enjoy a luxury spa experience from the comfort of your home. Choose the right CBD bomb and flavor in accordance with your mood. Use high-quality microfiber towels and bathrobes, and use relaxing skincare masks like lip masks, eye masks, or two-cut slices of cucumber for enhanced outcomes. 

  1. Let the CBD Bath Bomb Do its Magic

Next, you will fill the bathtub with warm water, drop your favorite bath bomb in the tub, and wait for it to break, causing the tub water to turn bubbly and fizzy. Now will be the time to enter the bathtub and relax. 

  1. Unwind Yourself

Lastly, spend the next 30 minutes doing something that takes you away from your worries. Read a magazine, go through your favorite book, practice deep breathing, or put on relaxing music and pamper yourself.

  1. The Aftercare

Make sure to avoid screens during and after your CBD bath therapy for optimal results. Wash off any residual product on your skin or in the bathtub. Place everything back in an organized way and call it a day. 

As you proceed to sleep after the bath, the promising effects of aromatherapy and CBD will kick in to end your day with utterly peaceful sleep. You will not only get better results than a spa but will also save you some money. Try bath bombs with cannabinoids in different aromas and flavors to find your perfect match!

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