Aquarius Zodiac Sign (January 20 – February 18): What Are the Personality Traits of an Aquarius?

With the upcoming shift from the Capricorn birth month into Aquarius, it’s helpful to review the basic traits of this sun sign so you can better understand how it interacts with other parts of a chart. Whether you are the Aquarius you are curious about or you’re checking the chart of a loved one, it’s important to consider the way the sun sign sets the tone for the rest of a birth chart. Those born under Aquarius tend to be:

  • Self-reliant
  • Clever
  • Driven to excellence
  • Optimistic
  • Sensitive

While Aquarius tends to carry a positive energy, its most noteworthy quality is calm. Being an air sign, it is a little resistant to classification and capable of change quickly, so don’t be surprised if it takes you a while to see an Aquarius in the calm space where they flourish best. For those looking into their own astrological charts, it’s good to reflect on tomorrow’s Aquarius horoscope when deciding on your priorities for the new year.

Make the Changes You’ve Been Hesistant About

A new year is a great time to make changes you have been mulling over. So is your birth month. Since Aquarius is the first full birth month after the new year, it’s an especially good time to work on bringing out the best in your Aquarius traits. It’s not a bad idea to look deeper into your chart so you can work out the rough spots in your personality that you feel have been holding you back, too.

If there is something you have been waiting to do and you know it would be good for you, this month is the time to get those changes off to a good start. Whether it’s altering habits for a healthier lifestyle, building the space you need for emotional stability, or just resolving to be more charitable with others you encounter, embrace the opportunity to change that is represented in the new year.

Get Your 2022 Off to a Good Start

If you are wondering how to make those changes or what changes you should even prioritize because you have a few in mind, it helps to start by working through those decisions with someone who can act as a sounding board and guide. Working with a psychic is often a good way to begin that search, because intuitive counseling and its tools are all designed to help you clarify your knowledge of yourself. The right psychic can help you with all these major life works, if you know how to ask and you commit to working on what you discover:

  • Love
  • Career
  • Money
  • Family
  • Life Path

The key is to find an accurate psychic whose major area of expertise lines up with your current work. Then, once you are comfortable with your professional relationship, stay with the work until you discover the root of the challenges you have been facing. Remember, zodiac sign compatibility and other tools are useful in a variety of contexts because relationships govern many areas of life, not just love.

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