Animal Totem: The Lion

The lion totem animal wins the award for most relentless fighter in the face of life’s challenges. To have the lion as your totem is to benefit from an abundance of courage and strength to overcome the difficulties that come your way. This power animal can also be an indicator of the presence of a threatening or difficult person or situation or person, as well as raw emotions like anger or fear.

Leo symbolism

The lion symbolizes:

Strength, assertiveness

Courage, face life’s challenges with confidence

Strong emotions like anger, aggression directed at someone else or at you

  • The tension you feel to face these feelings
  • The lion totem alerts you to a situation or a person that you feel is threatening
  • The lion totem animal, symbol of strength and courage
  • The lion spirit is generally associated with inner strength. If the lion appears as a powerful totem pole to you, his presence can be interpreted as a positive representation of your confidence or personal power. This protective animal invites you to count on the qualities of strength, courage and self-confidence, as illustrated by the Tarot card of Marseille “La Force” which features a woman keeping the mouth of a lion open with bare hands.


Lions are felines that dominate other animals in the wild. Remember, for example, the expression “the lion, king of the jungle”. When you have this animal mascot, it may reflect your ability to lead and lead others or a tendency to dominate in relationships or at work.

The dark side of the lion totem

This animal mascot could bring to light one of your weak points or a situation that is difficult to manage. Maybe he is trying to show you how to deal with the problem and continue to solve your problems with courage.

Also, the lion can represent a towering authority figure who has an impact in your life. This animal can also indicate an adversarial relationship with certain forms of power or authority in general. It can symbolize power, authority, rules, or the dominant forces in your life. For example, the dream of a threatening lion may symbolize the influence of an overbearing boss, an overly demanding teacher, or a partner who bullies you in your daily life.

The lion, symbol of anger and internal conflict

Working on your connection with the lion totem is an invitation to learn to better control your mood and moderate your aggressive impulses. For example, you can take the time to really listen to what people have to say before reacting and take it out on them. Or you can develop your ability to express your needs or anger more openly and constructively to reduce your level of frustration and that of others.

Dreaming about your totem pole: Being chased by a lion

If you dreamed that you were being chased by a lion, it may represent an inner tension situation in your waking life. A common dream scenario is feeling threatened or being chased by this wild animal known to devour its prey mercilessly. You are his prey. You try to escape, but he stays behind you.

To dream of being chased by a lion is one of the most common themes associated with this animal. This dream might point to anger you feel towards someone or aggressive outbursts you are experiencing. It may also be a warning from your animal mascot trying to highlight the fact that you are dealing with difficult emotions.

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