An Ultimate Guide for Teenagers to Overcome All Eyeliners’ Problems

According to recent studies, it has been revealed that teenagers face a lot of problems while applying eyeliners. To combat such issues, here is an ultimate guide for users of eyeliners that come in cardboard eyeliner boxes. In this guide, some common mistakes and problems along with solutions are discussed as follows;

Tugging Eyes While Drawing Eyeliner:

Most teenagers make the mistake of tugging their eyes while applying eyeliner. They think that it will help them go smooth, but it results in otherwise. When they release their skin, it bounces back, and so does their eyeliner. This always results in bumpiness and dread checkmark shapes that do not look good. To avoid this and go smooth with eyeliner boxes, you can use your fingers to anchor your skin instead of tugging your eye. Professional makeup experts also suggest this way for applying eyeliners in the right way.

Using Inappropriate Formula:

A lot of teenagers do not know what eyeliner formula suits their skin; that is why they often use inappropriate formula. For example, liquid or gel liners in customized packaging look remarkable, but they get set in a blink of an eye and do not give time for blending, which is essential. Using them without prior preparation and blending can make mistakes more visible.

To cope with this issue, you can go for pencil liners. It will provide you some time for blending and avoid smudging. Brands are making it easy for customers to identify the formula with the help of box printing for eyeliners. So, use the right formula that not only provides perfect results but also suits your skin.

Ignoring Eye Color:

For applying eyeliner like a pro and look stunning, it is essential to choose compatible colors to your eyes’ color. Many times, Teenagers do not know the importance of the matching color and ignore the eyeshades at all. On eyeliner packaging, printed color and product details can help you choose the right one. For green eyes, you can choose from rust, burgundy, and other warm, reddish tones, including black and brown.

 People with brown eyes may go for purple, blue, and green liners. For people with blue eyes, liners in copper, navy, dark brown, or yellow colors will suit them. Similarly, if you have hazel eyes, green, purple, taupe, and gray are excellent choices. Brands are using custom printed eyeliner boxes specifically to make it easy for customers to find suitable colors. So, always go for the eyeliners that suit your eye color to make a great personal look.

Failing To Use Brush Applicator Properly:

Many teenagers do not know which type of liquid liner applicator is comfortable for them. That is why they fail to apply the liner effectively. According to makeup experts, if you are unaware of what tool is the most favorable for you, keep on experimenting. However, this is a time taking task. As a beginner, you can go for felt-tipped pens. They will help you apply liners effectively and without fail.

Ignoring Top Lashing Line:

It has been seen that many teenagers and even adults go for the bottom lashing line only and ignore the top one. Going this way makes the eyes feel unbalanced and dragged down. In addition, in case of sweat or rubbing eyes, your face can look like Marc Jacobs’ Goth girls.

That is why brands are providing useful information on custom eyeliner boxes for customers to do so rightly. For looking fresh and beautiful all day, keep your liner to the top lid for a more youthful and lifted effect. If you still want to make a lashing line at the bottom of your eyes, experts suggest going for lighter colors.

Closing Your Eye When you’re Drawing:

A lot of people make the mistake of closing eyes while drawing eyeliners for cat eyes. This always results in uneven liners, and many of them come down to the placement. The best way to prevent this trouble is to keep your eyes open. Closed eyes make it difficult to find where the crease at the corner of the eyes ends. Keeping your eyes open can help you keep your liner on both sides even.

Too Much Eyeliner:

Another mistake that teenagers might make while applying their eyeliners is excessiveness. It has been seen that to look bold and graceful, they apply too much eyeliner. Doing so results in not just looking bad but also cause irritation and redness, instead of making any good impressions on beholders. In this regard, experts suggest that users should be applying a moderate amount of eyeliner to the specific areas around the eyes. Light eyeliners with healthy makeup make the respective person look incredible.

Shaky Hand Issue:

A lot of people face shaky hand trouble. Some of them face it due to medical issues and the rest because of lack of confidence and practice. While applying eyeliners, they cannot go smooth to make an even line. For them, makeup experts suggest starting with making a dotted outline and then connecting the dots. The other way is to use gel eyeliner with a brush instead of pencils. If you also face this issue, you can use these tricks to make a smooth line.  

Ignoring Safety Aspect:

Eyeliners come fragile and require special care for long time usage. According to recent studies, teenagers are found negligent in this regard. To cope with that problem, the usage of eyeliner boxes wholesale can help. These boxes come in high-quality cardboard and paper board stocks along with very feasible prices. Cosmetics brands are using these retail packaging boxes to maintain the quality of their products and win customers’ trust. You can also go for wholesale eyeliner boxes to save money as well as improving the life of your eyeliners. Using this guide, teenagers and even adults can overcome most of the troubles that they face with eyeliners. From righteous application to selection and protection, every aspect is discussed to help you make the most with them. The role of eyeliner boxes in their perfection and safety is also undeniable. So, consider the listed aspects to make the best use of these liners

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