All you should know before playing tie-breaker in black queen card game

The hearts game also goes by the name of the ‘Black Lady.’ There are so many card game variants, and this one is just one of them. It has successfully overtaken the popularity of the hearts; the black queen card game online has also become a renowned one of its kind. But the fact that no card game is similar, the game of the black lady is also pretty much different from the rest of the card games because, in this game, the queen of the spades carries a 13 points penalty. 

The Black lady in detail

The most popular of the lot is Black Lady, an American Hearts game for three to six players. It emerged in the mid-twentieth century as an extension of Hearts and was formerly called Discard Hearts, and is named after its most important punishment card, the Queen of Spades or Black Lady. It’s a trick-avoiding game in which the goal is to avoid taking any tricks that include hearts or the Black Lady.

How is the queen of the spades card set?

If you are looking for a trick avoidance game, then the online black lady card game is for you. Here you have to discard three cards, which is exactly why this game is also referred to as the game of discard. The player discards a card to their neighbouring player in turns. 

This game can be played between four players, but even if three players are playing this game, then one of the cards has to be discarded from the card deck before starting this game. This will help to give equal chances to all the players because all the players will have an equal number of cards in their hands. Usually, the card discarded from the deck is the two clubs.

When playing this game, make sure to use a standard deck of 52 cards by eliminating all the joker cards of the hearts, spades, club, and diamond. The ranking of the card is done as 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A, i.e., low to high. The cards are dealt clockwise manner 1 by 1 until all the cards are dealt. Each player should have thirteen cards in their hands before starting the game. 


One of the features that distinguish this black lady card game online from others is the possibility to “modify” your hand (and your opponent’s hand) before the game begins by passing a few cards. Following the distribution of all cards, each player selects three cards to pass to one of their opponents (they can be any 3 cards). The following is the order of passing: each player passes three cards to the left on the initial deal. Each player passes three cards to the right on the second deal. Each player gives three cards to the person across from them on the third deal. On the fourth deal, the players keep their cards and do not pass anything. For following passes, the sequence of passing is reset.

The objective of the game

To win, a player must avoid earning points in the black queen card game. The winner is the player with the fewest points. The game’s top limit is usually about 50 or 100 points, and any player who hits that amount ends the game. The person then wins the black queen card game with the lowest score. If at least two players are tied for the lowest score, the game is a draw. A few versions let players subtract points from their total if they strike 100 points exactly.

How to play

The game begins when one of the players holds the two clubs and places them face-up on the table. The player on the left follows the same procedure by playing one of the cards in their hand. All the players have to follow the same suit until they are out of the particular suit of the card. If one of the players is out of a particular suit, they can play a card from a different suit. The special rule that applies to this game is that none of the point cards can be played during the first trick. 

During this card game, when one of the players has played the card, the player playing the highest card in the leading suit will win the trick. Then starts the next trick by playing the card they have in their hand. The game continues in the same manner, and the winner of each trick starts the next, but then a player might not lead the trick by playing the hearts card unless the hearts have already been played on another trick, and the game continues until none of the cards are left anymore. 


When the hand is over, and all tricks have been won, players are awarded 1 point for each heart they took, plus an additional 13 points if they took the Queen of Spades. Don’t get too excited about your scores since taking points in Hearts is a terrible thing, unlike other trick-taking games. Like that of golf, the goal is to maintain your score as low as possible.

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